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Ontario Provincial Nominee Program

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If Canada is the dream country regarding immigration then Toronto, located in the province of Ontario, is the dream city to migrate and settle in Canada. The province of Ontario is home to more than 13 million people and the most populous and second largest Canadian province by area. Being located in the heart of Canada, Ontario is surrounded by strategic destinations of US and Canada such as New York, Michigan, Quebec and Manitoba.

Ontario is considered as the most popular and preferred immigration destination of Canada. The capital city Toronto is the most populous and largest Canadian city housing over 5.3 million populations. Toronto, Canada’s financial city has been ranked currently at second place for business destination just behind New York City.

Ontario is immigrants’ first choice and the decision is backed by the economy and job opportunities available there as well as the provincial government. Skilled or overseas workers find it easy to search a job in Toronto or entire Ontario province. If you are still puzzled where to settle after immigrating to Canada then Ontario can be your destination find out more….

Population and Geography

Ontario is the most populous province of Canada with over 13 million populations. It stands second on the grounds of area in Canada and neighbour of popular destinations of US and Canada. Almost half of the Canada immigrants settle in Ontario, making it a truly multicultural destination. The province has pleasant climate having warm, humid summers and cold winters. Province is well famous for its natural diversity covering large forest land, provincial parks, Great Lakes and renowned Niagara falls.          Free Assesment

Living and Culture

Ontario is high on quality of life and rest better living aspects. Candidates from over 200 nations, speaking around 130 languages reside in Ontario making the world’s multicultural city. Cities and landscapes are vibrant and spectacular. Toronto has ranked among most aspiring city of the world to live, work and business along with Ottawa. The democratic society is prosperous and built by generations of migrants visiting the province. Toronto and rest cities attract global artists, intellectuals and entertainers, supporting a wealth of foreign talents. With its very high foreign-born population, Toronto offers a feel of the world within being the city of dreams with vibrant activities all around. Toronto and Ottawa are persistent top rankers among the most livable cities of the world on the grounds of cleanliness, healthcare, safety, public welfare and service availability.

Economy and Employment

Ontario is known as the economic heart of Canada reflecting every kind of industries and business activities. Toronto has earned the tag of the world’s most preferred business destination in 2011. It is a hub of information economy and strong modern service as well as backing on a solid manufacturing stand. The chief manufacturing industry is the auto sector and in auto field Canadian companies are current globe leader. A strong natural resource acts as an add-on to the economic growth such as mining. Tourism is also a great fuel of the growing economy. Getting a job in Ontario is easy as backed with flurry of jobs in all the booming sectors. Toronto is the city of opportunities offering maximum number of jobs to locals as well as abroad candidates. Investment in the economy is always encouraged by the government by offering easy immigration to business people and investors.

Jobs and Working Conditions

The robust economy creates an array of job opportunities in professions, from information technology, automobiles to agriculture. Job creation has been the strongest in recent period and is predicted to continue. Unemployment rate is below Canadian average. Wages and income in Ontario is among highest ranking at second best family income in Canada as well as mandatory minimum wage is second best with $ 10.25 per hour. Cost of living a bit over Canada standard, but can be easily affordable due to higher wages to enjoys quality living. More than 50 percent of new Canadian migrants land in Ontario to incorporate their business find a job or settle in Canada.          Free Assesment

Ontario Immigration Programs:

  • Ontario PNP Skilled Worker
  • Ontario PNP Investor
  • Ontario PNP International Student


Eligibility (Who can apply)

Ontario PNP applicants must receive the Ontario Provincial Nomination Certificate to be eligible to apply for the program. Ontario PNP is entirely an employer-driven scheme and an applicant cannot apply directly without having a job offer of permanent full-time nature from an employer of Ontario, or may have acquired a PhD from an Ontario university that is publicly-funded.  Ontario PNP is a two-step procedure involving employer and applicant both to nomination –

Step1: Pre-screen Application (By Employer)

Employers of Ontario province submit and complete the pre-screen application procedure, earning approval for the foreign candidates for specified positions. A period of 60 days is available for the employers to complete the recruitment process and also can be extended by 30 days further.

Step 2: Nominee Application (By Applicant)

Thereafter, recruited candidates apply for the nominee certificate to the Opportunities Ontario PNP. After receiving Nominee Certificate, the candidate has to apply to CIC office for Permanent Residence. Nominee can apply for temporary work permit while their PR application is being processed.

The Ontario PNP or Opportunity Ontario has two categories

Ontario PNP General Category The Ontario PNP General Category enables certified employers and investors (companies) of Ontario to hire foreign workers. The candidate must fulfill the requirements of –

  • Job offer (in which they are skilled) from an approved employer of Ontario of full-time nature in an occupation (NOC A, B, or 0)                  Free Assesment
  • Work experience of minimum two years or having apposite registration in Ontario (if the job is regulated in the province)
  • Obtained an Approved Employer Pre-Screen Position as well as the approved nominee certificate
  • Proposed wage matching the standard of existing Ontario wage level for the occupation
  • Legal status for prospective nominee living in Canada

OPNP General Category Sub-section: Companies Establishing in Ontario
This sub-class is to create doorway for important persons into companies that are infusing heavy investments in the province. Candidates have to fulfill the similar qualifying criteria of General Category and the employer has to meet the basic employer eligibility (link to Employer Eligibility).

Ontario PNP Individual Investors
Investment category of Ontario PNP is directed to companies investing in Ontario, individual investors looking for nomination are also eligible for the program. Eligibility for this program does not require any minimum personal net worth as well as Ontario exploratory visit and government deposit not required. Applicant of Individual Investor has to fulfill the following four criteria –

  • Active involvement in the business management as well as creation of minimum of five new jobs for citizens or permanent residents
  • Minimum of 33.33 percent control of the business equity or open for an investment of minimum of 1 million dollars in the business
  • Option of investment redeem after a specified time not available
  • Investment in the business must not be directed towards the main intention of gaining interest, capital gains or dividends.

Eligibility Criteria for Employers

There are some regulations for the employers to be eligible for hiring foreign workers in Ontario –

Greater Toronto Area companies require:

  • Minimum of three years of existence and operation prior to application
  • Minimum Gross revenue of 1,000,000  dollars in last fiscal year
  • Minimum of five permanent full-time workers
  • A business place located in Ontario          Free Assesment

Outside Greater Toronto Area companies require less stringent criteria:

  • Minimum of three years of existence and operation prior to application
  • Minimum Gross revenue of 500,000  dollars in last fiscal year
  • Minimum of three permanent full-time workers
  • A business place located in Ontario

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The Citizenship and Immigration Canada clearly defines which Immigration consultant can represent an application, on behalf of clients, with the department. The department calls them authorized representatives, and among them are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( Ensure that, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, he/she is an authorized representative to represent you with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other Canadian Government agencies.