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Aspiring to immigrate to Canada or specifically to British Columbian cities like Vancouver or Victoria then the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program is your entry route to the big and beautiful cities of British Columbia. The British Columbia PNP fast-tracks your Permanent Resident application for investors, experienced business people, skilled or semi-skilled workers and their families willing to settle in the province of British Columbia permanently.

The British Columbia PNP was introduced to attract foreign skilled labors to the province and later the visa program was extended to invite foreign entrepreneurs willing to invest and set-up businesses in the province and acquire permanent residency

The BCPNP is the most preferred immigration program of Canada by Indian immigrants as well as global immigrants. Every ninth migrant coming to British Columbia arrived through BCPNP last year. India was among top five foreign worker resource for British Columbia as suggested by last year immigration reports.


Population and Geography

British Columbia is home to more than 4.2 million people and well known internationally for its stunning natural diversity. Victoria is the capital city of the province and is located at Vancouver Island. Vancouver is the third largest Canadian city and also the most populous city, accommodating over 2.1 million alone. Immigrants constitute a nice chunk of the population of British Columbia as around 35,000 migrants arrive to the province every year.

Living and Culture

British Columbia is a popular choice for newcomers to Canada due to superb living quality and vivacious multicultural atmosphere. High level of immigration to the province also has significant influence over the culture of the province. One can easily find British, Chinese, Indian, German and Japanese communities in the province. This multicultural treaty has made Vancouver city truly cosmopolitan, inviting arts and culture from all over the globe.

Economy and Employment

The economy of British Columbia is dominated by natural resources, in past decades it has well diversified with extensive industrial and service business activities. Forestry, mining, construction, fishing, tourism and telecommunication are the main players of the province’s economy. The province is Canada’s second biggest producer of natural gas followed by third leading hydro electricity generator. The Vancouver city has emerged as significant financial, business and technology hub and is the third biggest film and television production hub in North American region falling behind New York City and Los Angeles.

Jobs and Working Conditions

All these booming sectors together drive economy and create plethora of job opportunities for citizens and foreign migrants. The province is a great place to find job in Canada. New job opportunities are growing in the industries of service or technology. For working professionals or foreign workers, British Columbia is a heaven due to higher wages and second least personal income taxation in Canada. Worker’s rights are protected with obligatory minimum salary of eight dollars per hour.

Eligibility and Programs

The candidate needs to receive a British Columbia Provincial Nomination Certificate to be eligible to apply for British Columbia PNP. Two main categories are offered under the provincial program –


Applicants need to have a valid job offer from a British Columbian employer to be eligible for the Strategic Occupation Stream. Candidate can opt for one of the four sub-categories of Strategic Occupation –

1.Skilled Workers

  • Managers, technologists, professionals, technicians and others qualify for this visa sub-class
  • A valid job offer is required by provincial employer for qualified occupation in skill levels O, A or B of NOC
  • A post-secondary education or considerable employment experience

2.Designated HealthCare Professionals

  • Physicians, registered nurses or psychiatric nurses and midwives qualify for this visa sub-class
  • All rest healthcare professionals and skilled health workers are entertained in the skilled worker program

3.International Graduates

  • Fresh graduates from a recognized post-secondary institution of Canada qualify for this visa sub-class
  • The candidate needs to have accepted a full time, permanent job offer from a provincial employer
  • International Graduates are not required to have previous working experience.

4.International Post-Graduates Pilot Project

  • Fresh master and doctorate graduates from a recognized post-secondary institution of Canada in natural, applied and health sciences within last two years qualify for this visa sub-class
  • This program is a three year pilot and open till 28th May, 2013 and applications will be accepted till that date for this pilot project

5.Entry Level or Semi-Skilled Pilot Project

  • Selected occupations in hospitality, tourism, food processing and long-haul trucking are open under this pilot project program
  • This program has been extended till 31st August 2011 and applications will be accepted till that date until further extension of the program


The Business Immigration Stream of the British Columbia PNP offers accelerated migration process for investors, business persons and entrepreneurs open to invest and settle in the province and acquire permanent residency of Canada. The BC PNP offers opportunities for investor or business immigration in three categories -

  1. Business Skills
  2. Regional Business
  3. Strategic Projects

British Columbia (BC) Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) For Businessmen

British Columbia (BC) Provincial Nominee Program for Businessmen offers three options for the intending businessmen. These are Business skills category, Regional business category and Strategic skills category. Immigration consultants at Abhinav would provide assistance in terms of choosing the right category in accordance with the background and other skills of our clients.

Business skills and Regional Business Categories

Business skills and Regional business categories is for those prospective immigrants who are decked with medium to small capabilities in terms of their experience in business background, personal net worth as well as actual investment. The USP of these programs lies in ample business and infrastructure support provided by the province. Our Provincial Nominee Program expert would guide our clients for the visa that would suit them the most.

The mandate is to establish an active legal business and should be handled by the applicant who have been granted visa under these programs. Abhinav`s immigration experts have handled oodles of cases linked with Business skills and Regional business categories, hence knowing it best on what all visa necessities are essential for making the entire application process a hit.

Application Process for Business Skills and Regional Business category

The application process for both Business Skills and Regional Business categories is almost the same. Before starting the application process, Abhinav's immigration specialists would judge your profile and after finding it apt for the concerned program, we would commence the procedure ahead. Here is a detailed process of filing an application under the Business Skills and Regional Business categories and further set up your business in British Columbia:

  • Initial step is to acquaint our clients with the preparation of the application and filing the preliminary application. The application at this stage must contain a business intent documents that contains information on intended business enterprise that the applicant intends to start in the province of British Columbia. This information will form basis on decision of the Provincial Government on whether or not to invite the applicant for an exploratory visit visa to the province of British Columbia. Abhinav business immigration and business research specialists will work towards drafting a convincing business intent document. Failing to file a well drafted business intend document may lead to visa denial, and that's where the role of Abhinav's business immigration visa specialists comes in to ensure that everything is commenced in the right manner.
  • Next step is client's exploratory visit to BC. During the visit, he researches on the market and also formulates a formal business plan with the assistance of business brokers, professional accountants and attorneys. The client has a choice to either select his own set of advisors or get formal business plan formulated with their help or take ABHINAV's carefully chosen, tries and tested advisors. In some cases, an exploratory visit may be avoided or interview waiver received.
  • Where the applicant wishes or is required to make an exploratory visit, he seeks an appointment with provincial designated government officials and provides them information on his insights and learning's and business opportunities provided by the province. He can prepare and finalize the formal business plan during the visit. ABHINAV executives will prepare the applicant for issues that may arise during one to one interview while meeting the provincial official. ABHINAV specialists will prepare the applicant for this critical interview stage. His case gets in-principal approval and he is asked to submit application forms with formal business plan. Where an applicant has not conducted an exploratory visit, he will be called upon to submit formal application with formal business plan. ABHINAV British Columbia business plan specialists will help you in meeting the instructed requirements.
  • After this, we would now submit other mandatory documents including necessary forms, paper-work and a processing fee of CAD $3,000, which is non-refundable. As a Business Skills applicant, if the client is willing to support the nomination of a key staff member, it here becomes essential to pay additional $1,000. We would prepare separate application for such cases for an additional fee. Regional Skills applicants don't have this option in store for them.
  • This will be followed by decision by British Columbia provincial Immigration officials which would leave the applicant a choice to follow either of the two options:
    1. After fulfilling the mandates, Abhinav would get approval for BC PNP decked with a work permit of two years. Fulfilling the requirements of working and living in BC in a successful manner might clear your way towards getting a PR status in the province. During the advised 2 years period the applicant will implement the committed business plan, do suggested investment, create promised jobs and then make an application for permanent residence status while being in BC. The applicant can change his business plan as long as he gets it approved by provincial agencies and the new business plan does not compromise on committed areas related to key factors such as investment and jobs.
    2. After the approval for BC PNP, our clients would be guided for "fast track" nomination on their consent. For this option, a security deposit worth $125,000 needs to be provided, along with fulfilling other pre-requisites. In this case, he will get a conditional permanent residence visa to Canada. During the advised 2 years period the applicant will implement the committed business plan, do suggested investment, create promised jobs and then conditions attached to his PR application will be removed. The applicant can change his business plan so long as he gets it approved by provincial agencies and the new business plan does not compromise on committed areas related to key factors such as investment and jobs.

At Abhinav, we understand all your dilemmas. Contact us and we shall get back to you with our solutions ASAP.

The Strategic Skills Category

The strategic skills category is designed for businesses/ firms/ companies having a broad business venture outside Canada, intends to expand the same into British Columbia and wish to nominate company executives to manage such proposed businesses in the province. Abhinav`s business Immigration specialists have an excellent understanding of strategic skills category, hence ensuring that their ships are sailed towards the right end!

Application Process for Strategic Skills Category

The category caters to needs of major corporations and businesses; hence application process for Strategic Skills Category differs from Business and Regional Skills Category and requires apt guidance from an ace immigration expert. At Abhinav, our years of experience allow us to commence each step under the application process of the Strategic Skills Category with utter perfection. Here is the process:

  • Initial step would be to present - to BC PNP officials - prepared forms and required documents, related to company executives, as per set guidelines under the overall supervision of Abhinav`s British Columbia investor immigration counselors. The form would be decked with business details like business proposal, managerial/business background of the main applicant and if applicable that of other accompanying executives besides facts related to the sponsoring firm, to name a few.
  • After a successful completion of step 1 and fulfilling the pre-requisites of BC PNP, the sponsored and designated executives would receive instructions to fill the forms along with submitting the necessary paper work like a well-crafted business plan and a processing fee of CAD $3,000. An additional $1,000 would be added for every staff applying for nomination. Abhinav`s team of immigration experts would assist in drafting a professional business plan, which is a mandate in any business oriented visa program.
  • Through our wide experience, we always suggest our clients for a compulsory exploratory visit to BC.
  • Successfully commencing of these steps till now and getting approval for the formal application and business plan would pave your way towards the interview process. We know the minutest grains linked with this process, hence brush our clients in accordance with their case studies for the respective interviews.
  • Signing of Performance Agreement with the British Columbia Province comes as the next step in your ladder. It will provide the guidelines, steps and confrontations attired with the proposed business. Mail your query at for a detailed clarification on your case study.
Performance Agreement with the British Columbia Province

Under the Performance conformity, the applicant is dedicated to abide with the written conditions along with ensure acceptance of the staff as the nominee candidates. Other facets to know under the Performance Agreement with the British Columbia Province are:

  • The candidates would be granted entry to work on Federal Work Permit for an initial period of twenty four months.
  • Further if the sponsored company abides by all the laws and regulations for the given time period, the candidate would become eligible to apply for nomination.
  • It is essential to execute the committed business plan during the two year period. The applicant must also create a minimum of three employment opportunities for local people, for each nominated applicant under the Performance Agreement with the British Columbia Province. Change of business plan is permitted under certain situations and circumstances and must be carried out with due approval of authorized provincial agencies.

Other option is to apply under the Canada Immigrant Investor program and still make British Columbia as immigration destination.

Contact Us to know more.

Eligibility Criteria for British Columbia PNP For Businessmen and Investors

Provincial Nominee Program for British Columbia offers three categories - Business Skills Category, Regional Business and Strategic Projects. After assessing your business and /or managerial and information related to your personal net worth, experts at Abhinav would decide on which Provincial Nominee category would suit our clients the best. Hence, the qualifying criterion for BC PNP differs in all the three facets. At Abhinav, we specialize in cases linked with all three categories, hence leaving no stone unturned in leaving smile on our clients' faces with our every collaboration with them. Getting nomination from British Columbia as one of the priorities for this program, our immigration experts through our wide global network would see to it that every facet in BC PNP is fulfilled in an apt manner. Here is the qualifying criterion for individual category:

Business Skills

Those applying under BC PNP under the Business Skills Category are entitled to establish their business in BC after fulfilling the following mandates:

The list does not end here. The applicant can further apply for a PR status after fulfilling the mandates during the initial two-year work permit. Another option is to take the route of "fast-track" nomination after signing the performance bond. The performance bond must be accompanied by a deposit $125,000. Contact us to know more.

  • Personal net worth: At least $800,000
  • Additional jobs creation: 3 jobs for permanent residents or Canadians
  • Required investment: $400,000 CAD
  • Business ownership demanded: Minimum of 33 1/3%
  • Active and ongoing participation in business management: Yes
  • Number of Key Staff that the principal applicant is permitted to include: 1
Regional Business

Under the Regional business category, the applicants can establish business outside GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District) and Abbotsford for which the qualifying criteria is as mentioned:

  • Personal net worth: At least $400,000
  • Additional jobs creation: 1 jobs for permanent residents or Canadians
  • Required investment: $200,000 CAD
  • Business ownership demanded: Minimum of 33 1/3%
  • Active and ongoing participation in business management: Yes
  • Number of Key Staff that the principal applicant is permitted to include: None

The options of applying for a PR status OR apply for a Fast Track Nomination is valid in the category of Regional Business Category for BC PNP also. Feel free to Contact us

Strategic Projects:

Here are the qualifying criteria for applicants applying under the Strategic Projects under the BC PNP:

  • Additional jobs creation: 3 jobs for every nominee applicant included in the venture of Strategic projects
  • Required investment: $500,000 CAD
  • Business ownership demanded: Minimum of 33 1/3%
  • Number of Key Staff that the principal applicant is permitted to include: 5 (maximum)

At every step, our clients can ensure a continuous support of Abhinav's immigration specialists in their kitty. A wide array of experience and proficiency has allowed us to cater to all Canadian immigration programs with absolute vividness. Send your query at for even the smallest of doubt which is coming in your head!

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada clearly defines which Immigration consultant can represent an application, on behalf of clients, with the department. The department calls them authorized representatives, and among them are the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council ( Ensure that, if you are hiring a paid immigration consultant, he/she is an authorized representative to represent you with Citizenship and Immigration Canada and other Canadian Government agencies.