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Singapore as a Leading Immigration Destination

Singapore is among the world’s most popular immigration and work destinations. It is a cosmopolitan city-state. In a recent survey, the country achieved a unique distinction of being the best city in the world to live in, for Asian expatriates. The nation is also among the world’s most successful commercial and business centers with a stable economy.

The country offers the best of lifestyle through excellent infrastructure, great food, entertainment and dependable transportation system. It is geographically well-located for residents from majority of the Asian countries. It is also a gateway to most of the ASEAN and Asia Pacific countries.

One of the most advanced, modern and hi-tech city-states in the world, the Singapore Government welcomes talent from across the world. Growth of the nation is planned around futuristic industries and areas like Clean Energy, Environmental and Water Technologies, Biomedical Sciences, apart from Interactive and Digital Media.

Low Taxation Rates

Personal and corporate taxation rates in the country are among the lowest in the world, thus leaving money for you to spend on self, family and lifestyle. For companies, less tax means more disposable funds for growth.

Friendly Investment Regime

The government is pro-active in attracting investment and offers excellent incentives for businessmen and companies that establish their regional base there. Having a resident visa, and in due course, a citizenship entitles the holder to take advantage of various government schemes and incentives.

Visa Exempt Travels to Major Countries

The citizens and passport holders are exempted from visa requirements for some of the major countries in the world, including the US. According to the Henley Visa Restrictions Index 2006, Singapore stands at the 8th position when it comes to the freedom of travel that the citizens of a nation enjoy. Passport holders of the country enjoy visa free travels to 155 countries across the world. UK passport holders top this list with visa free travels to 166 countries.

Singapore Nationals Enjoy Great Benefits

There are several benefits of becoming a citizen of the nation - the ease of travelling with a Singapore passport and benefits in education, healthcare, housing and employment. There are certain disadvantages as well, like denouncing your home country citizenship and mandatory National Service for two years in certain cases.

Law Enforcements Agencies That Work

This ensures no protests, strikes or riots in the streets of Singapore. Anybody found indulging in the above is imprisoned or fined. Death penalty for drug trafficking, or committed murder or kidnap is a strong deterrent for people to stay on the right side of the law. This is one of the safest cities in the world to walk around at all times. Minor crimes happen but they are far and few.

Friendly Climate

Friendly weather, no snowfalls or extreme heat conditions, no disasters, like earthquakes, typhoons and tornadoes! Temperature remains within 20-30 degrees Celsius for most of the year. With no shortage of power, air-conditioning is extremely effective and provides you comfort in humid weather conditions.

Networking is a Way of Life

Almost all businesses, religious and social communities have strong networks. Liberal business and taxation rules ensure that business and families strive and enjoy a great quality of life. Singapore is a gateway for ASEAN countries and a major regional hub for financial services.

Friendly Immigration Regime

Singapore has one of the most open and transparent immigration systems and is online in most cases. Those who know how to obey laws and follow the system will find the country a great place to live in and work. You can apply for citizenship within 2 years of being a Permanent Resident. This is one of the fastest ways to get one of the world`s most reputed travel documents.

High Quality & Affordable Local Transport

Singapore is a small country and traveling from one end to another is feasible within a couple of hours. Excellent local transport system, such as Mass Rapid Transit, buses, cabs and taxis ensure that one does not need to own a car. Also, MRT and buses are affordable.

Organized Education Infrastructure

Singapore has one of the most organized educational systems in the world. Many world-class universities have local chapters or learning centers. Polytechnics and Technical Training Centers ensure that there are enough skilled hands available for various purposes.

Stable Predictable Political Environment

With non-existent opposition, the system is able to plan and implement stable economic and financial policies. This is a major attraction for businesses, investors and families that have made Singapore their home.

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