Abundant career possibilities, high-quality life, and clean environment have all contributed in making Australia a dream country for countless young professionals from India and if you’re a Citizen or Permanent Resident to Australia, then you are entitled to sponsor your family out of the pool of benefits Australia has to offer.

Be it an Australian Citizen or a Permanent Resident, you have the privilege to sponsor your family to come to Australia via Australia Spouse Visa, Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa & more.

What is Australia Spouse Visa?

The Australian Spouse or partner sponsorship program allows citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their common-law partner or spouse as permanent residents to migrate to and live in the beautiful country of Australia. This visa category requires the sponsor to be in a true and genuine relationship with the sponsored to get the sponsorship sanctioned for a minimum of 2 years.

The Australian partner visa can be applied in (i.) 820 (ii.) 801 (iii.) 309 and (iv.) 100 Subclasses.

Check Your Eligibility

Rules and Procedure for Spouse Visa in Australia

Once the visa is granted, the sponsored will be provided with an Extended Eligibility Temporary Visa, which will allow him/her to stay in Australia for a minimum of 2-years with full working rights. After the 2-year waiting period, he/she will have the right to apply for Australian PR on a condition that they’re still in an active relationship with your Australian spouse.

Spouse Visa for Australia PR

But on the contrary, the sponsored may still be eligible for PR under the spouse visa for Australia from India, even if the relationship is broken before the end of the two-year period. Under the following circumstances:

  • If the Sponsor died during the period.
  • If both the Sponsored and Sponsor have children under 18 years of age.

Eligibility Requirements for Australia Spouse Visa

To be eligible for a spouse visa for Australia, you must be:

  • Commitment to a communal life as husband and wife.
  • Show evidence that of a genuine and continuing relationship.
  • Living together not separately or apart on a permanent basis.
  • providing proof of relationship with spouse for the last 12 months, unless you are legally married.
  • 18 years or over for marriage under the Australia spouse visa requirements.
  • Meeting the criteria set for health and character according to the Australian Government.

Documents Required for Australia Spouse Visa

Spouse Visa for Australia checklist includes documents pertaining to the Sponsored’ s identity, his/her character certificate and other supporting documents etc.

Australia Spouse Visa Processing Time

The spouse visa Australia processing time may vary based on application to application and under circumstances that may hinder the application process. These hindrances may come, if:

  • You’ve submitted an incomplete application.
  • Time taken to respond to the visa officer for supporting information.
  • Time consumed for receiving additional documents such as Health and Character certificate from external agencies.
  • No. of seats left for the immigration programme for PR visa Australia.

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