If there is a European nation which has all the right elements when it comes to living a life of comfort and getting access to some of the best jobs then you cannot miss the name of Austria which has excellent standards of living for 8.3 million people.

Also, you should know that Vienna was also ranked as best city to live on the global scale for the 10th consecutive year. Also a member of the European Union this city has a German speaking population housing some of the largest number of immigrants making it a diverse nation to apply for the Austria Job Seeker visa.

The Austria Job Seeker visa is actually a work permit spanning across 6 months and are provided to highly qualified applicants to come and seek job opportunities in Austria. This UK visa is based on a points based system wherein a person who scores 70 out of 100 points is considered to be highly qualified. It also goes by the name of Austria Red-White-Red Card (RWR Card).

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Austria job seeker visa from India

As an Indian looking to settle in the beautiful country of Vienna you can apply for the Austria job seeker visa from India (category D visa) by yourself at the capable Austrian representation (embassy or consulate) in your home country or the nation from where you belong. You can access this UK visa application forms at the Austrian representative authority.

Under the Red-White-Red Card Scheme you are allowed to search for work in Austria for a 6 months and keep in mind when you apply for Austria job seeker visa from India that it provides entry to only ‘Very Highly Qualified Workers’. As an applicant if you fail to look for a job within the 6 month period then you have to go back to India. If not this visa the Sweden Job Seeker visa is also a good and viable option.

Points of the Austria Job Seeker visa are given based on the factors of age, Educational qualification applicable Work Experience, English Language as well as Studies in Austria. This UK visa helps you search for a suitable job in Austria. Once you get an offer letter from an Austrian employer you can transform the visa to a Red-White-Red (RWR) card.

Austria job seeker visa requirements

Here are the following Austria job seeker visa requirements:

  • Education qualifications such as a course record book and related examination certificates or a document which shows completion of a program of studies in Austria. Also, a Post-doctoral qualification or PhD
  • Recognised awards or prizes
  • Gross salary of previous year earned in a senior management position with a company listed on the stock exchange or a company for which the Austrian foreign trade office have given a positive report regarding their business activities.
  • Patent publication in the form of Patent applications and publications
  • University qualifications for a minimum period of 4 years and should be in connection with the nominated occupation.
  • Have sufficient funds to be able to manage staying in Austria which is needed at the time of submission of the application.
  • To get points you need experience or qualification which is in relation the role of Senior Manager.
  • To claim points the candidate should be between the age of 18 to 45 years;
  • Have basic skills of language which is German (A2) or English (intensified elementary use) to be even be able to work in the nominated occupation.
  • Your recent medical report
  • Police clearance certificate showing that you have no previous criminal record
  • Other supporting documents

Austria job seeker visa processing time

The processing of the Austria job seeker visa if it is processed by the regional settlement authority in Austria it can take up to a time period of a minimum of 3  to 5 months. In other words it can also take up to 8 weeks. But to get the Red-White-Red Card you need an employment offer which should match your qualification and should pay you well.

Scientists and senior level managers are the kind of people who are chosen for this UK visa as it is for highly skilled professionals. Migrants have a critical role when it comes to the development of the Austrian economy and also there is an increasing demand for immigrants due to low rates in population.

Austria job seeker visa cost

The cost of applying for the Austria job seeker visa comes to € 150. In case you need to submit the Austrian Red-White-Red Card (work permit visa) application form, you shall need to pay a total amount of 120 EUR (132 USD).

The granting of the visa cost is € 20 and the cost of personalisation which means the fingerprints, scan of photography and signature comes to a total of € 20. After 21 months of living on the RWR card and working for an employer you can apply for a Red-White-Red (RWR) Card Plus which permits you to work for any employer in Austria.

One of the most important reasons to apply for this UK visa is the excellent healthcare system of Austria which is regarded as one of the best. This visa is your ticket to finding a residence and the work of your liking in Austria

Austria job seeker visa consultants

Knowing about the procedure for this UK visa is not enough, which is why you need the assistance and guidance of Austria job seeker visa consultants who have the knowhow, skill and experience for you to steer clear of the intricate procedures of how to apply and cracking the Austria Job Seeker visa.

One such immigration consultancy is Abhinav Immigration Services who with over 28 years of experience in the immigration industry help you navigate on how to successfully apply for the Austria Job Seeker visa. Our team of consultants guide you in every possible manner on how to face minimum obstacles while applying for this job seeker visa.

Only trusted and reliable UK visa consultants help you find the road to Austria without being misled. Looking to apply for fantastic and best visa options like Sweden Job Seeker visa? Get in touch with our certified immigration consultants by ringing us at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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