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I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to Anusha A Badami from your Bangalore office for all the help and support provided during the immigration process. 

Her documentation was perfect and her support during each stage was excellent. She ensured each doc is reviewed properly and I appreciate her dedication towards her work. Such employees are an asset to your company. 

I would also like to to thank Reena Joseph for all her support. 

We got our passport stamping done today.....!!!

I have already recommended Abhinav to my colleagues and I will continue to promote you guys. Thanks again!



Amrit Raj

Initially when the profile was transferred i was a little upset as when the profile was in Mumbai, i could walk into the office and speak to someone in person, which was not possible in Hyderabad. But eventually the profile was handled excellently by Azmath. He is able to answer my concerns promptly and effectively. The advises given by him during the profile submission have helped a lot in making the final profile look excellent. He thoroughly checked the profile to check for any discrepancies. It was nice to see him patiently answering all my concerns. Only a guy with excellent knowledge about the whole process would be able to answer all the concerns so promptly, and Azmath is the guy who knows the whole process well. I would recommend my friends to Abhinav and be assigned to Azmath.

One change i would like to see would be to have direct contact numbers to our executives as every time i call, i have to go through the reception to get through to Azmath. Also i would like to see more use of video calling in lieu of the in person interaction.

Now awaiting fruits for all the hardwork and efforts put in for the final approval of the PR.


Prajesh Chitturi

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication in helping me file my PR application for Canada yesterday. 



It gives me great pleasure to inform the Abhinav Team that today we have been able to apply for the Permanent Residency to Canada today.

We had approached Abhinav team last year to help us with Immigration. We started collecting documents, preparing for IELTS as per the advise.

We were advised with correct information on time by Azmath.

Azmath helped us to prepare a checklist which was needed to enter the pool. He was very patient in handling all our queries, providing solutions where were getting stuck and within a months time, we entered the pool and we got an Invitation to Apply.

After we received ITA, Azmath has been constantly in touch checking our documents, giving us the right instructions to get everything in order.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Azmath, who has supported us through our journey , never once losing his patience. I must say, he is quite a star.



Prashant and Sushma Kaimal

This is with reference to all the guidance,  help and support provided to me by Sumit Kumar and team during my application process for the Canadian PR.

I would like inform you that I was really satisfied with their services,  help on the entire process and problem solving abilities.  Sumit is a very talented,  young helpful guy who not only made my process easier for me in terms documentation and all other related things but he also is an excellent problem solver.  Instead of just ignoring and avoiding my stupid questions he was very prompt in finding the solution to the problem.  This is what every customer needs and he was very proactive in his approach.  Another point that I want to highlight is that he was very proactive in responding to emails and calls.

More than me,  I guess he was more interested in getting me my PR as soon as possible. I think he is a great asset to your organization.


Prateek Gupta
Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I had submitted my application for Canada PR and have received the same.

1. My overall experience with Abhinav was good.
2. Azmath has been very helpful in sorting out my queries and responding in time.
3. Yes. Azmath was able to resolve my queries.
4. Yes.Azmath even went out of his way and sat beyond the work hours to submit my application on the date as requested by me.

I am looking forward to more support from Abhinav for enlightening me about my journey forward.



Monday, November 6, 2017

Our experience with Neha for our parent's tourist visa was amazing. We are grateful to her for preparing the file in one day and understandingour genuine problem. It was difficult but she managed wonderfully. We got treatment as family members. We are once again thankful to Neha and also to Sana who has always been there for us from team abhinav.

Looking forward to more association with you in future,

Cheers to Neha

Thanks and lots of good wishes.


Deepak Banga
Chinar Banga
Wednesday, 1 November 2017

I am really glad n pleased to share with you that my application for PR visa for Canada for my spouse n me has been processed and we have finally received passport request for visa stamping.

Our case, i believe was not normal or the usual one. it was complicated and definitely the time consuming one. Komal was the one i reached out to, to help me with my spousal visa processing. It was her firm conviction that put a sense of hope in me that our file would be accepted and processed again to add my spouse as a dependent. The entire process was lengthy but Komal and Shailavi, you guys made it worthwhile...

Komal, i always used to tell you, that i trust you and that is the reason i am doing this procedure, I am so glad you kept your word and got me through the entire processing. Otherwise i have really been impatient and at times even considered dropping the idea since it felt too complicated. you have really been patient with me and guided me aptly.  I also thank you on behalf of my husband Vijay. i dont know why, but out of all the people that i met for my case processing, we genuinely and easily  could trust you with a strong belief that a team under her supervision will not cheat us on our case or misguide us. Keep doing the great work...!!

Shailavi, i dont know if i am the right person to say this, but you seem to be really hard working. Despite, taking my case midway and so many complications in it, you really cracked the deal for me. you really got yourself updated with my case details very quickly to help me not waste more time. I know you have worked extra hours to close my case before the deadline. you certainly have a great way ahead...

Thank you both a ton.....


Dr Kejal Mehta
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Abhinav Consultant is one of the most helpful organizations I’ve ever found. They are very good and knowledgeable in everything that has to do with immigration. Myself and wife approached Abhinav Consultants office at Bandra Kurla Complex. First impression of ours at the Mumbai office could make out how professional they are. Mr. Abhishek was the one who helped us about the immigration procedures for Canada. He is a very professional person and people like him are the assets. I highly recommend them for all your immigration needs.

Thanks and Regards

Rajesh Pillai
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

If you think of Immigration, you should think of Abhinav Consultants to guide you. I was recommended to Abhinav by a family friend who is now happily settled in Australia, she had told me about how Abhinav had helped her get her Australian PR in flat 8 months.

So when my family thought of immigrating to Canada we approached Abhinav Mumbai Office at BKC. Honestly from my first interaction at the Mumbai office I could make out on how professional the entire team was. This quality of treating each and every customer with warmth, having clarity about the entire Express Entry Immigration programme and charging a reasonable service fee made me join up with them. However, at that time in July 2016 the Express entry points were on a very high side, my relationship manager Abdulla Baig at Hyderabad guided me to complete the formalities on IELTS and get my educational credentials done from WES and enter the pool at the earliest since he told me with confidence that points would come down. I entered the pool on 13th October 2016 with 425 points.

I received my invitation to apply for PR on 19th April 2017 in flat 6 months My relationship manager Mr Abdulla Baig from Hyderabad office thereafter spoke to me almost every day asking me for one document or another, he guided me on each and every step, he checked my application word by word. I was so surprised to see such customer centricity and such good professional behaviour from any Indian for this I would like to thank and congratulate each and every member at Abhinav. Keep up the good work as more and more ordinary people like me who only dream of immigrating overseas get the right guidance.

Also my relationship manager Mr Abdulla Baig is the best guide one could ever get. He knows the Express Entry process so well that I sometimes thought that he works for the Canadian CIC office. Honestly what Sachin Tendulkar was for Indian Cricket team, Abdullaji is for Abhinav Consultants and Canadian Immigration. He is so calm, has tremendous patience and is one of the most positive persons with best domain knowledge one could ever come across. Thank you Abdulla for being there for me and my family. While we still await our final visas etc. I thought of sharing my feedback so that if any ordinary person like me is dreaming big he can approach Abhinav Consultancy.    

Last but not the least I would like to thank all the ladies from team Abhinav Pari (my positive fairy at Mumbai), Nazneen and Munazza from the Mumbai office and Ragi from Delhi office. It was so nice to know each and every one of you. Thank you all for helping me change my Canadian dream into a reality.

Best wishes to each and every one of you at Abhinav Consultancy. Thanks once again.

North, South, East or West Abhinav Consultancy is the best for Canada Immigration through Express Entry.

Thanks & Regards


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