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As discussed, We got the PPR mail today morning in our mail box. Please confirm if this is the final PPR mail.

I would like to thank you for the awesome work you have done on our profile. We got the PPR in less than 90 days. I sincerely thank you and the entire Abhinav team for making the journey smooth. Will visit the office soon. :)

Ours can be a case study for one of the fastest process and would be more than happy to give testimonials wherever its required. 

Have a nice day.



Thank you for your assistance for my immigration process for Canada.

I am from Mumbai and started my process in Jan/Feb 2016. I was assigned to a particular processing executive in Mumbai. My experience with this person was nothing short of disappointing. It was very difficult for me to get through to this person. Half the days I wouldn’t get a call back and the other half this person would be on leave.

I was helped to the extent of WES evaluation by this individual. I had lost all hope and motivation for my processing to move any further. If you talk to anyone who chases his/her dreams to migrate, you would know that the process is time consuming and requires a lot of hard work, grit and determination. And what makes it worse is when you don’t get the desired response from your agency. You are typically lost or have no clue. You need help and hand holding.

In March this year, I got an email from your team that I have been reassigned to an individual in Hyderabad. At first I felt that this is possibly the worst thing that could happen to me. With much hesitation, I connected with Azmath Shaikh. Of course, I was quite curt when I first spoke with him. But he was very calm, kind and assured me that he will take care of my case with best of his capability.

He responded quickly to my case and assessed that my EOI was pending. He helped me file my EOI. I got a score of 354. This by all means is a low score. He assured me that I should wait and not get impatient. Within a week he called me and said, I should reattempt my IELTS. If I could get an 8 in listening, I have a chance to get my score to upwards of 400. I was so motivated that the very same day I enrolled myself into giving my IELTS. He wished me well and regularly checked on my preparations.

I was charged up and gave my IELTS. I cracked an amazing score this time and my score shot up to 416. In the very next draw, I made it to the cut off and received an invite on 31st May 2017. I had 90 days to file my PR application but I personally took a target of 30 days to do so. This motivation was all credit to Azmath. There were hurdles, like my PCC for USA. But he guided me through getting it through the fastest route. On the 43rd day we managed to file my papers. Now, we jointly hope and pray that my PR comes through.

I have never met Azmath (though i will soon), but there is this bond that we have developed over that few months. He’s a simple, hardworking, passionate, dedicated and honest individual. Its god send people like him who make dreams of people like me come true. I commend your team for all your efforts and I wish Azmath the very best in life.


Warm regards,

Manish Shivram

We want to take this opportunity to thank Anusha A Badami for having worked with us in the process of applying for Canadian Permanent Residency Visa. We are thankful to her for her valuable guidance, timely updates, polite responses and extremely professional manner in handling our case. Thank you very much Anusha. We hope our Visa comes through!

Thanks to Abhinav Outsourcings Pvt Ltd for your guidance and support. Hope we've approached the right people.


Warm Regards

Archana Murthy and Sandeep S. Shastri

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by You about Canada immigration procedure.

I really admire the prompt service provided by Mr. Sai. There was no request made to leave unanswered, as he advised me how to do whole process and the best possible solution. I am really pleased with the knowledge and skills of Mr. Sai.

Great service makes Your customers feel that You care about developing a long-term relationship.

I would love to recommend Your company and Mr. Sai to anyone who needs this type of service. Keep up the good work!


Kind regards,

Alisa and Uzair Mohiuddin

This email is to acknowledge the efforts taken by Ritu Prakash and Azmath Shaikh in helping me submit the application for immigration to Canada.

My interaction with Abhinav started some time in August 2015 with Ritu Prakash and her team explaining the process and clarifying any doubts, concerns and queries patiently. Every interaction with Ritu, her team members - Nisha, Rukhsar, Falak, Praveena (sorry if I have missed anyone here) and Azmath has fairly been smooth without any problems.

I would like to thank Ritu for putting the correct person to help me with this process, without whom this submission would have been a gruesome experience.

My interaction with Azmath started in early 2017. Azmath is well informed of his process and the requirements of CIC. He did not hesitate to contact his supervisors when he was in doubt. Also, he kept following up diligently for the documents to be submitted once I received the ITA. He also helped resolve a lot of my doubts and bring about further clarity to the process and my understanding of this process.

He has been patient and relentless in ensuring that I don't miss out on any deadline. His constant emails and phone calls to know the status kept me on my toes to speed up the documents procuring process. He also helped me to find acceptable work around in certain crucial situations.

This is a small note of Thanks to Ritu and Azmath for always being available, prioritising my queries/requests and handling the case with utmost seriousness and sincerity.

?Thank you all once again.?

Best regards,

Rithesh G Nair

I would like express my heartfelt gratitude to Anusha A Badami from your Bangalore office for all the help and support provided during the immigration process. 

Her documentation was perfect and her support during each stage was excellent. She ensured each doc is reviewed properly and I appreciate her dedication towards her work. Such employees are an asset to your company. 

I would also like to to thank Reena Joseph for all her support. 

We got our passport stamping done today.....!!!

I have already recommended Abhinav to my colleagues and I will continue to promote you guys. Thanks again!



Amrit Raj

Initially when the profile was transferred i was a little upset as when the profile was in Mumbai, i could walk into the office and speak to someone in person, which was not possible in Hyderabad. But eventually the profile was handled excellently by Azmath. He is able to answer my concerns promptly and effectively. The advises given by him during the profile submission have helped a lot in making the final profile look excellent. He thoroughly checked the profile to check for any discrepancies. It was nice to see him patiently answering all my concerns. Only a guy with excellent knowledge about the whole process would be able to answer all the concerns so promptly, and Azmath is the guy who knows the whole process well. I would recommend my friends to Abhinav and be assigned to Azmath.

One change i would like to see would be to have direct contact numbers to our executives as every time i call, i have to go through the reception to get through to Azmath. Also i would like to see more use of video calling in lieu of the in person interaction.

Now awaiting fruits for all the hardwork and efforts put in for the final approval of the PR.


Prajesh Chitturi

Thank you very much for your hard work and dedication in helping me file my PR application for Canada yesterday. 



It gives me great pleasure to inform the Abhinav Team that today we have been able to apply for the Permanent Residency to Canada today.

We had approached Abhinav team last year to help us with Immigration. We started collecting documents, preparing for IELTS as per the advise.

We were advised with correct information on time by Azmath.

Azmath helped us to prepare a checklist which was needed to enter the pool. He was very patient in handling all our queries, providing solutions where were getting stuck and within a months time, we entered the pool and we got an Invitation to Apply.

After we received ITA, Azmath has been constantly in touch checking our documents, giving us the right instructions to get everything in order.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to Azmath, who has supported us through our journey , never once losing his patience. I must say, he is quite a star.



Prashant and Sushma Kaimal

This is with reference to all the guidance,  help and support provided to me by Sumit Kumar and team during my application process for the Canadian PR.

I would like inform you that I was really satisfied with their services,  help on the entire process and problem solving abilities.  Sumit is a very talented,  young helpful guy who not only made my process easier for me in terms documentation and all other related things but he also is an excellent problem solver.  Instead of just ignoring and avoiding my stupid questions he was very prompt in finding the solution to the problem.  This is what every customer needs and he was very proactive in his approach.  Another point that I want to highlight is that he was very proactive in responding to emails and calls.

More than me,  I guess he was more interested in getting me my PR as soon as possible. I think he is a great asset to your organization.


Prateek Gupta
Wednesday, November 08, 2017

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