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We have received the PR stamping on our passports.

Thank you for your help with sorting the documents and helping us gather them. For responding to all our calls and ping's on skype. Great Job! We got through the process very quickly 



Janani & Anudeep

Its been 3 months since we have initiated our PR process to Canada with you.

Although we are right now in process ( ECA Done & IELTS Test to be given in Oct ) our Guide for PR process Ms Maninder has helped us in exceptional ways.

She reverted with accurate info every time we contacted and so far guided us in all possible right ways.

We expect same response from her in our future process for Canad PR.



Harpal Singh & Gurpreet Kaur

I received my passport yesterday evening. Thanks for all your support.



I would like to thank Sai for all the timely support provided by him. My application got processed in 40 days as prerequisites were properly explained and were told to be obtained beforehand. Sai was available for all my queries and provided wonderful support during the whole time.

I have also recommended Abhinav immigration services to my friends based out of Delhi office who were looking into same.



Anand Sharma

I am delighted to read your mail and thankful to u and team. I am happy that i made a right choice going by M/s Abhinav as my visa consultant. i am happy with the overall aspect. However regarding my review here are some of my observations which as per me if improvised will give better customer satisfaction:-

1. Every time we need to consult your staff, we ought to get through IVR and also at times even if we manage to get through through your staff might be busy elsewhere . Also messages dropped in absence of ms. sharada on desk is often not communicated to her by your telephone operator or other team member in austrailan helpdesk.  This  results in loss of time and also causes delay in communication. This issue can be resolved by giving either direct desk no. or by giving personalized mobile number.

2. If will be great if the entire procedure (not just the basic procedure but the entire list of all  probable documents required) is enlisted before hand so that it gives enough time for us do our homework and also make the process speedy. eg. in my case we were not aware that we needed American PCC till the actual filing of visa stage, and same was met up by us on a war footage basis resulting in escalated financial implications and also chaos. If the same was communicated well in time we cud have catered up for the same and avoided undue pressure. Also lack of clarity in the actual fee amount for visa costed me to do refill twice which could have been avoided.

3. The emails that we receive from M/s Abhinav is often scrambled and untracable in order . Its doesn't come like a thread like it happens with normal mails. I don't know the cause but i m sure that has got to do something with your email system. To make email communication effective i feel this should be looked into.

Now the sweet things:

1. I am thankful that Ms Geeta is so knowledgable and was instrumental in clearing a lot of doubts in which your bangalore team had some confusion.

2. Ms Sharada is an asset to abhinav. Shes soft spoken and always maintains her calm and composure. She makes us feel at home and also we get a sense of belonging. She never said a no to any of our silly queries and always tried to help us out. a special thanks to her.

3. Mr. Murali needs a special mention here. even though i am not directly related but at times when he picks up my call, he always ensures to address the concern on behalf of ms. sharada and also helps in all possible ways.

wishing all the best for you and team



It was great to work with you in this process. Really appreciated for all the extra care you have taken in advising documents.

Thank you for all the guidance you have given.



We had received our PPR mail on 7th September 2017.

I would like to express my pleasure in regard to the quality service that i had consistently received from your process consultant Mr. Sai Baba - Hyderabad branch.

I have always appreciated the transparent and clean dealings, quick response i got from Mr. Sai Baba.

Sai, i would also like to say a huge thank you for your amazing assistance, and for answering all my questions and clarifying my doubts throughout the process.

Sai you are a hardworking guy and be the same and dont change by seeing the other process consultants.

I would really recommend Abhinav Consultancy for Immigration services and Mr. Sai Baba as a process consultant.

Thank You Very much Sai and God Bless You dear :)



Vijay Lanka & Hemasrilatha Lanka.

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for providing best of service in my Canada PR application.

At the outset, relaxed yet very professional conduct by Shivani and Shalini (case manager) was key to my expedited processing.

When I was searching for professional help, I was disappointed in the way small (and large) agent shops were dealing it like a commodity (get PR at x cost), with very poor conduct. But the moment, my queries we're answered by Shivani, I knew that Abhinav team is competent and go-to-service for my application.

During the journey, Ranjit Ranjan and later Shalini has been pivotal and very friendly to provide me relaxed yet required guidance and support in best of their efforts. I am in gratitude to them for such a great work and help.

I would recommend Abhinav and it's great, tightly knot team to all professionals seeking true and legible help and not a commodity for immigration.

My bestest wishes to you all and hopefully whenever I would need any help I would knock your door.



Nirmal Singh

Thank  you very much TEAM ABHINAV, for all your efforts and support to get the PR approved.


Thanks for explaining the entire process and your guidance  which helped to make right decision


Thanks for answering all my queries, emails and helping me out in getting the documentation work.

@Vardhan and Geeta

Thanks for the follow up and keeping me updated about the progress after the PR is applied





I am deeply indebted to abhinav for helping me with the Canadian PR Process. The highlights were...

1) Instilling the belief in me that it is possible to get a PR. 
2) Helping me get all of my documents in order for the various stages of the application process.
3) Assisting me with document review to ensure they are shared in the right format.

Thanks again Reena for all of the effort you put in to help make this a success. I am very grateful to you and the entire Abhinav team for making my dreams a reality. 

Will share the next update after I land in Toronto. 




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