The Canadian Northwest Territories, much like other provinces and territories in the nation, runs and manages its own Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP), and it is called the Northwest Territories Provincial Nominee Programme (NTPNP).

Via the programme, the potential immigrants with the expertise and experience sought by the region may acquire a Northwest Territories Provincial Nomination Certificate, and this will permit them to present a petition for Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation in a speedier manner, vis-à-vis other Canadian immigration streams. The Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC) takes the final decision on the applications.

The Nominee Programme assists strengthen the economy of the region via drawing qualified individuals to fill the critical labour scarcities and promote business growth and expansion. The PNP aid recruiters/firms in hiring and retaining the overseas manpower and assist the overseas employees and their families make the region their permanent abode.

It is important that the candidates for the NTPNP illustrate that they will prove valuable to the nation and will vigorously and endlessly assist in the growth of the economy and the making of opportunities for the local Canadians.

Please note: The neighboring Nunavut region does not have its own provincial nominee programme and so, to move to the area, use the Northwest Territories PNP.

For the skilled workers, the NTNP admits petitions under these two specific immigration streams:


  • Critical Impact Worker

It is planned to aid recruiters/firms with critical labour scarcities that cannot be filled using the local or the Canadian residents even as it tailored to boost the labour pool for the various entry level opportunities designated within the National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill levels C and D. The stream is basically for the semi-skilled workers in the hospitality and service business. It permits the recruiters/firms to draft those semi-skilled workers who are not qualified under other schemes.


  1. With a view to present a petition it is required that the nominee candidates have already been doing a job in the region for, as mentioned before, not less than 6 months on a Temporary Work Permit.
  2. Besides, the candidates must also have a permanent job offer even as the job-providers/firms have to offer a similar industry rate of wages.
  3. The aspirants must also possess the needed experience to do the job being offered, and furnish evidence that they have the monetary resources to support themselves (or adequate settlement support).
  4. It is also compulsory that the candidates in this class write a language test managed by a renowned bureau.
  5. Besides, the employment offer must not breach any current arrangements or laws that the recruiters/organizations must follow.
  • Skilled Worker Stream

This class of the NTNP Employer Driven immigration programme is for those competent overseas people who have the capability to positively fulfill the requirements of the trained manpower in the region. Petitions are admitted under this class from those who have obtained an offer of job in a skilled position (National Occupational Classification Skill Levels 0, A, or B) from a local recruiter/firm. Since the class is an employer-driven procedure, it is required that the NWT recruiters/firms offer sponsorship to the qualified candidates for Permanent Residency in the region.


Applicants who are eligible to gain admission into the federal Express Entry Pool by making the grade for any of these three federal immigration schemes (FSW, FST, or CEC) may also have the eligibility for this specific class, which offers nomination to certain potential immigrants who fulfill the requirements of the Skilled Worker Class.

News Update: NWT Looks to Immigrants to Address Impending Labour Scarcity

Not less than 28,000 employment opportunities will be up-for-grabs in the territory inside the coming 15 years courtesy primarily to the region’s aging people even as a report from the Conference Board of Canada maintains that filling those openings will not be easy for the NWT. It means for the skilled workers keen to move to Canada and become a permanent resident there in the NWTPNP is a very good option, and they must go for it without thinking twice. 

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