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What Option You Can Consider for Australia Immigration NOW!

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This might be discouraging information that Australia ended up having a severe backlog of applications filed under its Skilled Migrant Program. As per the Australian Immigration Department, there are more than 140,000 applications from skilled individuals from overseas waiting for the department`s review. What can be more dispiriting for those applicants, as well as for those who are considering Australian immigration option is that the huge backlog can take over two years to process. So, are you going to put a full stop to your overseas plan? Not a brave move, that is!

What if the Oz Skilled Migrant Program struck a backlog situation, you can still be able to immigrate to Australia if you go by what we suggest. Yes, there is a sure-shot success formula for that, however, you should be proactive for the process which actually begins before applying for an Australian visa.

How about getting sponsored by an Australian employee or getting nominated by an Australian employer for immigration to Australia? This is certainly a viable option for those considering immigrating as skilled workers, but out of options have taken a back seat. The process starts off with finding an employer and then getting nominated by him for Immigration to Australia as a skilled worker. Having an employment offer in hand makes a lot of difference to your visa application. Afterwards, employers looking for skilled workers can sponsor you for a certain post, making the process of Australian immigration easier for you. Applicants under employer nomination are processed within 6-9 months or even less. ABHINAV can help you in searching for employer nomination options, get your skills assessed and afterwards file the skilled migrant application with Department of Citizenship and Immigration.

The difference between immigrating under the skilled worker program and employer-sponsored skilled worker program is that people under the former wait till their visa application is accepted, processed and issued with a visa in order to move to Australia to live and search for an employment engagement; whereas, a sponsored skilled worker looks for a job before his arrival in Australia. Thus, if you want to challenge the backlog, employer-sponsored skilled worker program is just right for you. We shall guide you on how to obtain an employer-sponsored visa to be in Australia.

  • The foremost step is to take a close look at the Australian Skilled Occupation List so that you can identify the sectors and regions where your skills are in high demand. By examining the list you can consider a target job that Australian employers are looking skilled people for. ABHINAV will help you in short listing the appropriate occupation and state and related program for you.
  • After identifying the sector for your skills your next step is to look for the potential employers within that niche industry. If they are having vacancies, be proactive to apply for the same and if required contact them directly, by sending them your resume. Please NOTE: This step can also be left to your trusted immigration consultant for a precise and accurate process. ABHINAV will guide you on how to look for such an employer.

    No matter what difficulties you are facing in the process, professional immigration and visa consultant would be of great help to you. ABHINAV`s experienced and trusted immigration specialists are good at guiding you in many ways, irrespective of any Australian visa category. If you are interested in giving your immigration plan a kick with ABHINAV, mail following information ASAP at for a Free of Charge Assessment by Ajay Sharma, principal consultant, ABHINAV.
  • Your updated resume if skilled professional, or if businessmen, then brief on business profile along with information on your current personal net worth.
  • If married, provide the resume for your spouse as well.
  • If applicable, please provide information on children and their age.
  • Information on any blood relatives residing in Australia. This is not a compulsory requirement to qualify for immigration to Australia, but serves as additional positive assessment and suitability factor.

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