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Visitors To & From Down Under Liberated From Danger of Strikes until July

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Here’s a positive news report for the travelers to and from Australia! The Fair Work Ombudsman has prevented the danger of strike action by immigration employees at the Australian international airports in Oz, for not less than two months.

The same signifies that persons arriving and departing from the major airports of the nation will not be subjected to delays through that time, thanks to a long term quarrel between the administration and the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) over public sector wages and terms & conditions.

Reportedly, despite the fact that just before Easter the strikes were rocketed, it stopped over the fears that the decreased figures of workers in immigration control may impact security in the wake of terrorist strikes in Belgium, including the country’s chief airport.

It is allegedly anticipated that with no action now able to occur in the next few weeks the travelling people will not press the panic button and will be rather happy that the airports of the Kangaroo Land are as safe as they can be, in the backdrop of the present level of international terrorism menace.

A pronouncement by Nick Wilson, the Fair Work Commissioner--to stop any action until the 03 July--arrived three weeks post he issued an interim postponement of the action. However, the CPSU claims though the move has upset it, it fully understands the security anxieties.

The CPSU national secretary stated that even though the body is fairly disappointed with the decision, it is not actually astonished by the same against the backdrop of the inborn seriousness of issues involving national defense and counter terrorism.

The CPSU is vigilantly scrutinizing the full decision and taking legal counsel to consider if there could be grounds for an appeal, in the milieu of the considerable factual errors in the Commonwealth’s case.

She added that the CPSU agrees that its members’ industrial action was tailored to have a major influence on the Border Force and the Government, but firmly dismisses that the action would have presented any kind of risk to the Australian society.

She asserted that the CPSU absolutely discards any suggestion that either it or its members in the Border Force have done or ever would do something other than act legitimately and maturely to struggle for their privileges, terms & conditions, and take home wages.

But, she indicated that that the union did not admit the proof furnished to the Fair Work Ombudsman that slowing travelers and accepting delays for the duration of strike activity is an inherent hazard.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) reportedly stated that it was business as typical at the different Australian airports. Full arrangements are in place for each of the immigration body’s operations.


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