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US Govt. Keen to Reduce Temporary US Work Visa Utilization

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In what may be called a fairly important development--from the perspectives of the US and its local workers--the US Department of Labor (DOL) has reportedly promised 100 million dollars in tuition-free job training grants. This initiative is allegedly tailored to assist the different American firms/groups cut down their utilization of the temporary work visas, and this comprises the well-liked L-1 & H-1B non-immigrant visas.

While the grant scheme forms component of the nation’s Promise Job-Driven Grants Programme, the incumbent US Vice President, Joe Biden, together with his wife, Jill reportedly began the same on April 25, this year.

As per the incumbent US Secretary of Labor, the grants are component of the Obama government's pledge to re-crafting a modern skills infrastructure in the nation that duly engages recruiters/firms not seen earlier. The programme will allegedly hook up tuition-free job-training/education schemes with recruiters, to generate apprenticeship set of courses. It's unspoken that these will assist the growth of particular industry skill sets through every US region, to guarantee that employees are well skilled for the available job openings at different firms/groups.

As per a critic, one wonders if the move is politically motivated. It remains to be found if the grants will make any significant difference in the matters of cutting down the requirement for manpower on the H-1B L-1 and L-1 Visas.

Reportedly, the capital to fund the grants will be generated from the charges given by the US firms making use of the H-1B temporary work visa scheme, which facilitates them to usher-in overseas manpower into the nation. From 20 to 40 four-year grants are likely to be given, with each one expected to be worth anywhere from 1 million to 6 million dollars.

But, the DOL has set a chain of firm instructions, which must be duly fulfilled by the firms with a view to get any grant. According to a DOL statement, for every specific segment and service area, it is mandatory that the joint ventures comprise the public workforce structure, an economic development organization, not less than one education & training provider, and a minimum of five recruiters or a regional industry society.

For those who came in late, the H-1B Visa facilitates the US firms to engage workers from abroad, with a bachelor's degree or comparable, to duly fill specialty employment openings. The American Congress restricts the figure of the H-1B Visas made obtainable to 85,000 every year even while 20,000 of which are earmarked for the overseas students graduating from a US educational establishment, like; for instance, a college or university, with a postgraduate degree.

Allegedly, it is rather praiseworthy for the federal administration to make use of the overseas worker charges to proffer training to the US labor force.


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