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US Introduces interview waiver program for Indian immigrants

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United States came forward to captivate more Indian immigrants by introducing Interview waiver program - allows the visa applicants to apply for the US visa even without appearing for interview. The new program clearly indicates an intention of the super power to offer some sort of leniency in its immigration program and make it easier for immigrants.

The interview waiver program will allow Indian immigrants to make their US trip either for business or tourism purpose easily.

Describing the newly introduced program, the US Ambassador to India, Nancy J. Powell said, "The interview waiver program is implemented by US Department of State mainly to allow various applicants to apply for US even without facing interviews."

US counselor office, however, retains the authority of interviewing to those applicants who they find need for personal appearance for getting more personal details.

Powell revealed that travel and tourism keeps a great relevance for United Sates for commercial point of view. On other hand, it also helps us in promoting our culture and civilization across the world. She further added that our country is fully concerned for expanding our tourism by welcoming tourists from every part of the world.

"Travel and tourism is important for us as it helps us to promote our culture in different parts of the world and also helps us in making commercial ties and industrial growth. Indians often show their great excitement in visiting our country. We witnessed total spending by Indians was $4.6 billion last year, which is 15 per cent increased figure year before."
Those applicants intend to apply for a US visa need to go through the following eligibility criteria.

  • The applicants need to produce a previous visa in the same category
  • Previous visa must be issued in India
  • The applicants must not have faced any refusal for a visa in any category after their recent visa issuance.

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