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Undeclared UK Immigration Audits of Tier 2 Visa Sponsors Swell

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With a view to make an effort to further cut down the levels of immigration into the UK, there has reportedly been a rise in the figure of unpublicized audits made by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) to the bureaus of the Tier 2 Visa sponsors. The UKVI is also more expected to make a trip to the company offices before giving a renewal of a sponsorship licence.

Even as a good number of the Tier 2 sponsors can look forward to a trip every 4 years, those firms where major issues were raised post a previous UKVI audit can look ahead to more regular visits.

Tier 2 Visa sponsorship Licence System Background

The system was started way back in 2008, to further check and put a ceiling on the overseas movement made into the country. British groups/firms require a Tier 2 sponsorship licence to sponsor and make use of the overseas manpower from outside of the European Union (EU) on the Tier 2 Visas.

While a Tier 2 sponsorship licence is legally legitimate for a period of four years, those proffered in 2012 are presently beginning to end. Since the licence structure was started in 2008, there was an unexpected rush of recruiters/job-providers submitting an application for the Tier 2 sponsorship licences during the given year.

Given the fact that one requires renewing the Tier 2 sponsorship licence every four years, the volume of the renewal applications this year is comparatively more than normal being eight years post the licence system was first launched.

Critical Observation

The Tier 2 Visa arrangement and the UK immigration controls generally are duly managed in an unjust and unreasonable manner. Civil Servants--under great pressure to fulfill nearly impractical government goals to decrease immigration--often do not make the right decisions.
In fact, at several times, their actions have been entirely improper. While one should be able to trust what the Home Office claims and what those sponsored by the Home Office claim, unfortunately this is hardly the case. One even has proof of untrustworthy credentials sent by a body suitably sponsored by the Home Office.

These are some of the major issues that the UK Immigration may look at during a Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence site visit:

  1. If the recruiter/job-provider has complete particulars of the whereabouts of the workers and has appropriate systems in place for keeping track of the workers.
  2. That the manpower on the Tier 2 Visas is completely aware of their responsibilities under the Tier 2 Visa Plan.
  3. That the payroll records and bank statement reveal that salary rates are identical or higher than that mentioned in the Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)? In case not, can any disagreements be clarified?
  4. In case applicable, has the Tier 2 Visa sponsor completely executed any action points stated through the preceding trips?


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