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UK Laws Relaxed, Additional Work Visas Flexibility Greets Students

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Here’s a positive news report for the international students studying in the UK! Come January 11, and the overseas students can switch over to the Tier-2 Visa (or Skilled Worker Visa) as soon as they successfully finish their course. Yes, from January 11 onwards when the new immigration rules get introduced, such students in the UK will enjoy greater flexibility in moving over to the Work Visas!

As per the present regulations, they have to cool their heels, until they a degree comes their way, to submit an application for the Tier-2 visa even as it does not offer much time to hunt for an opportunity while still in the country.

For instance, the students pursuing higher education, like a PG degree, have to cool their heels for their thesis to be marked, or a degree to be proffered post successfully concluding their course, prior to they can submit an application for a Work Visa. But, the latest rule will permit such students to present a petition for a Tier-2 Visa some months before.

Meanwhile the incumbent London Mayor has reportedly advocated a new category of Post-study Work Visas. In the backdrop of the alleged declining figures of the international student, his proposal is that it will be better if a Post-study Work Visa is different from the Tier-2 path, and it allows students to do a job in the country for 12-24 months post their graduation.

Respite Outcome of Discussions between UK Administration & Universities

But, at present, the global students will have to manage with a small letup in the laws.

As per some immigration specialists, the positive development is the effect of a protracted dialogue between the different universities of the nation and the administration. Since Student Visas called the Tier-4 Visas are given for the period of the course and some months, the same hinders the capacity of global students to hunt for employment opportunities in the UK.

For example, a Tier-4 Visa for a long-term study course (above 1 year) is offered for the course duration-plus 4 months. In case international students fail to stumble across a job inside the period, they have to go back to their native place. Hence, at present, numerous students with a Tier-4 Visa cannot switch to a Tier-2 Visa as they have not still received their degree even as their Student Visa is on the verge of losing its validity.

Allegedly, Indian students will do well to closely observe the effect of Brexit on Work Visas for global students. It's rather possible that the rivalry for jobs from the EU manpower will ease post-Brexit, in the process, giving global students, who have done their studies from the UK, an advantage.


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