UK Immigration Opens New Visa Centre in Bengaluru, Tries to Tempt Tier 2 Visas Candidates

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In what could allegedly be called a clever move by the UK Government and its Immigration Body, to improve its image on the issue of the Tier 2 Visa System, and deal with its critics and detractors who claim that the system is anything but impartial, fair, utilitarian and easy to comprehend they (the UK Government and its Immigration Body) have reportedly opened up a new Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Bengaluru. The latest visa hub is situated at the Brigade IRV Centre in Nallurhalli, Whitefield.

Another reason behind the latest development is alleged to be the increase observed in the figure of the Tier 2 Visa petitions for those sponsored by UK recruiters/firms with Tier 2 Sponsorship Licences in Bengaluru.

Most critics claim that it’s just a ploy to present a good image by the British Government and win the trust and confidence of the Indian visa aspirants, especially the ones located in the Southern part of the country. They allege that the UK Visa and Immigration are not highly convincing in case they are making efforts to create the impression that they are helping the Indian nationals and maybe others to obtain the UK Visas.

They assert that the cases of the UK Tier 2 Visa holders discovering that their British recruiters/firms with the Tier 2 sponsorship licenses unexpectedly losing their sponsorship license for what could be exceedingly small reasons are not rare. And, in such a situation, the Tier 2 Visa holders are left with no options except to either hunt for a completely new Tier 2 sponsor or depart from the nation.

Echoing a similar sentiment, some other detractors reportedly allege that the Tier 2 sponsorship license structure and the Tier 2 Visa terms & conditions are so perplexing, ambiguous and inconsistent that it is really difficult for any recruiter/firm to completely fulfill these (terms & conditions).

Allegedly, in case the UK Visa organization was really interested to assist the candidates, they would guarantee that the Tier 2 Visa structure is not unfair, discriminating, costly, rigid and tough to figure out. The British Administration’s decision to base the VAC in the centre of the city is nothing but a tactical effort to draw exceedingly trained manpower based in the IT capital of India.

London though reportedly hopes that the VAC will prove useful for some of India’s biggest IT Groups comprising Infosys and Tata Corporate Services (TCS) by giving the nation’s finest workers stress-free access to the Tier 2 Visas.

UK Visa Quicker Application Procedure

Brushing aside the criticisms, the incumbent UK immigration minister has reportedly stated that the latest rule amendments will be pivotal and assist to ‘simplify and speed up’ the visa petition course. Since the eligibility requirements for same day, 3-5 day priority visa petitions and super priority services has been expanded, the Tier 2 and other Work Visa candidates, first time travelers and students will now have access to these services.

London Open for Business for Indians on Tier 2 Visas

As if to further blunt the attack, the incumbent immigration minister has reportedly stated that the UK is ‘open for business’, and the new VAC will make it easier than ever before for the brightest and best Indian manpower in the crucial IT business to move to the destination. He added that both the involved nations are gaining from the sharing of thoughts, know-how and technology.

60,000 UK Visas to Indian Candidates Given Last Year

As per the available Home Office numbers, 60,000 people from India received a UK Work Visa during the year gone by even while the highest number of the Tier 2 Visas in India were given in Bengaluru. As per the available records, kept by the British Government in Bengaluru, close-to 66% of the global UK visas are offered to Indians. People with Indian citizenship reportedly also obtain a high figure of Tier 4 Student Visas and UK Tourist Visas.


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