Covid-19 has affected USA adversely and the world’s largest economy took the heavy toll making millions of people unemployed in America. Under this situation, Trump is considering to suspend the employment visas including the H-1B which is popular amongst Indian Professionals and Indian IT company’s.
The suspension may come in affect with the new US Immigration fiscal year commencing on October 1st.
This suspension will forbid any new US employment visas holders to enter in US, however the visa holders already present in the country are unlikely to be affected.
This decision may affect thousands of H1B Indian professionals who lost their jobs in US due to pandemic and are headed back to India.
Alongside H-1B visas, the suspension could extend to H-2B visa for short-term seasonal workers, J-1 visa for short-term workers and the L-1 visa for intra-company transfers.
Recent changes of US Immigration norms and travel restrictions would limit the access to talented professionals and further cripple the economy. Regardless of that, US is adamant in imposing wide-ranging bans on immigration and burdensome new regulatory requirements.
NASSCOM reaction to this proposal
The National Association of Software and Service Companies (NASSCOM) has requested to exempt the Tech Professionals from this ban.
NASSCOM claims that these Tech Professionals play an integral part in operating the IT infrastructure in the healthcare, hospitals and online services to develop treatments the disease.
NASSCOM has requested that Indian Tech Workers ought to be considered as essential workers as the demand of high skilled IT professionals remain strong among US employers amidst Covid crisis.
All these regulations, bans and unfeasible requirements makes US more undesirable and detrimental. Thousands of US Visa aspirants will be stranded by no means to reach their dream destination. In a situation like this, what are the choices for H-1B visa holders? 
If you are a skilled professional or an aspiring business professional, there are many options where you can utilize your skills and attain Permanent Residency.
For Skilled Professionals
* You can put your money on Canada & Australia Residency Visas (Canada Express Entry & Australia General Skilled Migrant Visas) to attain the permanent Residency Permit for Canada & Australia. Both are the most sought-after immigration destinations with minimal requirements, effective point system and faster processing time.
For Skilled or Business Professionals with innovative Idea
* If you have an innovative business idea that has potential to contribute in the economy, then there are many countries such as Canada, UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, etc. that offer startup visa option. Most of the programs don’t even require direct investment or minimum net worth requirement.

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