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Trump Imitates Indian Call Center Employees, Invites Widespread Criticisms

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Donald Trump--the favorite for the Republican Presidential nomination--seems to love controversies, perhaps, because it keeps him in the limelight. Whatever could be the reason, but he has once more found himself entangled in storm, in the wake of his alleged imitation of Indian call center employees at a new election public meeting.

As expected, his remarks have caused hue and cry and been condemned as highly xenophobic with Hilary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential nomination leader, among those infuriated by Trump's newest controversial remarks.

Clinton's presidential drive charged Trump of running a 'campaign of bigotry and division' and issued the warning that he was continuing to rear disrespect and division, via his movement. Clinton's remarks follow Trump's actions at a Presidential gathering in Delaware on April 23, where the latter spoke in an Indian twang making fun of call center employees with Indian roots.

The Republican candidate informed supporters at the rally that he had got in touch with his credit card firm to substantiate in case their call center agents were based in India.

He poked fun at Indian call center employees while severely condemning US groups that take into service foreign manpower based out of the country. The same allegedly appears somewhat phony as several Trump businesses appear to favor using overseas labor force on H-2B, H-1B Visas & on other US work visas in preference to utilizing the citizens and permanent residents in the US.

Lately, Trump did a turnaround concerning his opinions on the requirement for aliens in the country. Having pledged to decrease the figure of the H-1B and L-1 visas being given, in case elected President, he afterward changed his posture.

Trump Believes in Bigotry & Division

Acting in response to Trump’s observations, the Chairman of the Clinton Campaign reportedly stated that Trump openly laughing at Indian employees is just characteristic of his utter disregard that he has exhibited to societies across the spectrum. Trump has run a drive of prejudice and division.

Significantly, it's not the first time Trump has imitated accents when talking about aliens. During August the last year, he spoke in broken English while explaining compromises with Japanese & Chinese associates.

Trump States No Trouble with Indian Chiefs

But, regardless of his observations, Trump reportedly asserted that he has no issues whatsoever with Indian chiefs, and was more annoyed at the US heads for being so dim.

He asserted that some specific nations--such as India, China, Mexico, and Japan--cannot be permitted to pinch business from the US like chocolate from an infant. He added that American manufacturing jobs are being lifted. US jobs are being taken. The nation is losing at each & every front even while there is hardly anything fine. The US hardly wins any longer even as factories everywhere across the nation are shutting down.

Indo-US Association Already under Strain, Thanks to US Visa Charges

Allegedly, Trump's actions would compound the already strained relationship as these countries fight over H-1B and L-1 Visa charge increases. The sustained difference over the doubling of the visa costs, chiefly involving Indian possessed firms in the US, increased further a few months back, when India reportedly filed a complaint with the apex global trade body, the World Trade Organization (WTO), challenging the cost raises.

Indian Information Technology (IT) companies make extensive use of the H-1B and L-1 Non-immigrant Temporary Work Visas. They exploit them to make use of Indian people to fill job openings for their business functions in the US.

The American Congress increased the charges by 100% during the month of December the last year, $4,000 for the H-1B Visas and $4,500 for the L-1 Visas, with the cost applicable to the companies which utilize 50 or more workers in the US, half of which are hired on an H-1B or L-1 Class Non-immigrant Visa (L-1A and L-1B Visas).

In its WTO complaint, New Delhi alleged that the latest visa measures started by Washington DC appeared rather conflicting with the WTO pledges that the latter had made, proclaiming that the amendments treat Indian IT manpower in the US less favorably, vis-à-vis their US opposite numbers.


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