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Thanks To Tier 2 Visa Curbs UK Witnessing Famine of Asian Chefs

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As per the owner of a small chain of curry houses across Kent, a county in South East England, courtesy harsh UK immigration laws, he is powerless to hire skilled chefs from Southern Asia even while this is leading to big difficulties for his restaurant chain.

He added that while he had no option except to shut down one of his restaurants sometime back, some others in his chain are finding it hard to remain alive. He further said that though at present he has three workers running each kitchen across his restaurant chain, there is a need of six workers. Presently, he fears for his source of revenue as reduced figures of workers may result in not-too-good customer service & disappointment.

He also pointed out that he is unable to enlist sufficient chefs from inside the UK or, more significantly, from the Southern Asian region. He attributed some of his struggles to the present Tier 2 Visa checks.

For those not tuned in, these visas enable people from outside the territorial limits of the European Union (EU) to take up an employment offer from a British recruiter with a Tier 2 sponsorship licence.

The Tier 2 Visa checks that come into force from April 6, 2016, are set to become harder with the launch of a new 35,000 Pounds salary threshold to be able to submit an application for UK indefinite leave to remain just a key amendment being applied.

As per Theresa May--the in-office UK Home Secretary--the latest regulations will aid to cut down the volume of the non-European Union/EEA people & their dependants that are offered Permanent Residence (PR) every year to 20,000 from 60,000.

Tier 2 Visa Curbs Not the Lone Trouble

Still, the owner of the restaurant chain in question reportedly accepted that the Tier 2 Visa checks, preventing him from hiring from outside Europe, were not the sole difficulty he faced. He also stated that young Bangladeshis & British-Indians have better education and are more motivated, in relation to their parents or grandparents, and they were not keen to do a job in restaurants.

He claimed that while a different generation began opening the 12,000 curry houses that are running presently, back in the 1970s, the next generation is not eager to toil long evenings in overcrowded kitchens.

Post using other choices, he reportedly thought the obvious answer was to hire direct from Southern Asia. But, Tier 2 Visa checks have allegedly crippled his plans. According to him, not less than one curry house is shutting down every other week.

Tier 2 Visa Curbs Setback for Most Firms

He allegedly is not alone in his plight to engage personnel with the expertise he requires as comparable problems exist in numerous British groups. The difficulty has only been worsened by Britain’s developing economy as firms/job-providers begin to sign-up more. The state is made even worse thanks to the limit put on the figure of the overseas employees on the Tier 2 General Visas permitted into the nation from outside the limits of the EU being fixed at 20,700.

During the month of June 2015, the Tier 2 Visa limit was touched for the first time and it occurred another time in the month of July, in the process, leaving several recruiters incapable to take into service manpower with the skills required to fill openings.

Immigration Laws to Become Even Harsher

As per a well-known publication, even as the British Premier, David Cameron, cannot do a great deal to stop migrants from within the EU landing in the nation, he can improve the regulations on immigration from further than the realm of Europe. And this is what is happening. The immigration laws governing the Tier 2 visa are becoming even harsher.

Presently, the PM is under a great deal of pressure from inside his own administration to fulfill his promise of cutting-down net migration figures to the 10s 1000s.


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