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Student Visa Amendments Make Nova Scotia Language Schools Worried

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As per a new report, language schools in Nova Scotia are rather disturbed over Student Visa improvements. They are not too happy about the reported decline in the figure of the global student registrations. The reason: latest laws that students might need a second visa prior to shifting into university.

Latest amendments proclamation to a federal immigration scheme allegedly denotes that it will be compulsory for such students to receive a second visa prior to continuing to university.

According to a concerned person, prior to the improvements, it was possible for such students to submit an application for the object of language training and also for university training. What is more, it was possible for them to obtain one Study Permit for the whole time to be in the country.

It denotes that they did not have to present an application for an additional paperwork or visa. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) of late made public in the month of July about the latest laws for the Student Visas.

Global Students Need Applying for 2 Study Permits

Hence, at present, it is essential for such students, cooling their heels to study in the Maple Leaf Country, to put forward a petition for not one but two Study Permits. These laws are effective from this July onwards. While one Study Permit is mandatory for language training, a different is for either college or university.

Allegedly, the latest requirements are for making certain that only real students come to study in the nation and the fake ones are not allowed admission.


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