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Skills Training to be Provided to the Migrant Workers of India

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Reports pouring from various sources have suggested that the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (MOIA) recently has introduced several projects to streamline the knowledge and skills of Indian skilled migrants, looking for employment opportunity overseas. The main purpose of these projects is to ensure India as an ideal source for higher level skilled and eligible workers.

The said reports have also revealed that the "Skill Development Initiative for Potential Migrants from the Northeastern States of India", one of those projects, which has already trialed in 8 states of Northeast India. According to the department officials, its main objective is to provide readiness for job and increase employability of prospective overseas immigrants in the global labour market, particularly the most demanding sectors of healthcare and hospitality.

Though currently the scheme is in pilot stage in the states of Northeast India, by the month of June, next year, i.e., 2013, this will be advanced to national level.

One more MOIA`s trial project "Developing a Knowledge Base for Policy Making on India-EU Migration", will be endorsing communication between the European Union (EU) and India on migration; which is co-sponsored by the EC (European Commission).

The main purpose of this scheme is to bring together the higher-level Indian-European Union expertise in key subjects that deal with immigration, like: demography, sociology, law, politics and economics with a perspective of developing migration studies across India.

Besides all these, a project named as "Labour Market Assessment" has been introduced to assess many European Union nations with an objective of recognizing the skill sets that are needed from immigrant workers.

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