As per a newly published labour force study, the Australian skilled immigration arrangement is failing qualified migrant women who have moved to the nation as the other half of the holder of an Australian Visa.

The study says that 1000s of female skilled migrants fight to become a part of the thriving Australian labor force or see their professional careers meet a dead end as they are guided into low-wage jobs.

The study's researchers call Skilled migrant women--proffered Australian Partner Visas as their partner holds an Australian Skilled Immigration Visa, like the Skilled Independent Visa (Subcategory 189)--the poorly utilized hidden resources of Australia.

The research maintains that the professional expertise and potential value of the trained migrant women are not being made use of as much as they ought to be. The report concludes that there is a pressing need of focus on assisting qualified migrant women into work, which would aid to make use of the huge bank of talent presently not being utilized.

People on Australian Partner Visas Concealed

According to the report, they are concealed from observation, where their job responsibility has moved from being, in several cases, a paid, well-educated expert to being cultivated as wives, other halves & partners.

According to the lead researcher for the report, 'partner-migrants' – so-called since they happen to be women who are secondary migrants in Australian Skilled Immigration Visa Categories or main candidates in the Family Class--are too frequently termed as 'trailing spouses' and not regarded as possibly precious resources to the Oz’s economy.

The researcher added that with constant assistance from administration-supported services and involvement from recruiters/firms, these women can get ready for the employment market even as they become accessible to fill openings in segments where there are known skills scarcities.

In addition, the same will improve the settlement procedure, lessen the danger of social isolation, and make the shift into Australian life smoother.

Guests on Australian Partner Visas Not Fully Exploited

From 2010 to 2015, the study discovered that 157,000-plus women, aged 18 or more, had moved to Down Under through the family class, with most of them being spouses or partners.

More than 181,000 trained migrant women landed in Oz in the skilled class, of which, more than 70% were either wedded or partnered with a person having Skilled Immigration Visa of Down Under.

Significantly, the AMES researchers recorded the opinions and experiences of 63 new migrant women who had landed in Down Under on a Partner Visa, plus the opinions of recruiters/firms.

The study discovered that partner migrants of the holders of Skilled Immigration Visa are subjected to numerous difficulties.

According to a concerned spokeswoman, the involvement of women in the labor force of Down Under is critical to the economic development and future affluence of the nation.


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