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Round The Corner-Fast Track Canada Work Visas for International Students

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Here’s a very positive news report for those doing graduation in Canada! The nation is working on a plan to offer work visas to such students after they are through with their studies.

As per John McCallum-the in-office Canada immigration minister-international students in the country could get Fast-track Work Visas, post graduations. The minister indicated that the administration is seeking several options for such students. These could be proffering augmented points for the overseas students under the Express Entry system.

Global Students Finest Source of Immigrants

According to the minister, global students are the top source of immigrants for the Maple Leaf Country. That’s because such people are familiar with English and French languages even as they are pretty educated & young. Against this backdrop, it will be better if the nation motivates them to arrive in the country, he further reportedly asserted.

Amendments to Appraisal of International Students

McCallum stated that the nation will soon alter the manner the overseas students get duly evaluated. The minister maintained that in stage one, additional points will be offered to such students. And, in the stage two, the Ottawa will take new steps to make Express Entry Programme better.

eTA Condition

In 2016, international students-eager to enroll for different study courses in the nation-will need an eTA for landing here. The holders of Canada Study Permits from visa-exempt countries, who obtained Study Permit on or post July 2015, must have the eTA since March. In the meantime, they can arrive in the country until September end.

It is mandatory that the candidates, given initial Study or Work Permit on or post August 2015, have been given automatically an eTA together with permit.

An eTA won’t be automatically renewed for Canada Study Permit renewal petitions. Those, keen to leave and re-enter the nation via air, shall guarantee the legality of the eTA. In case the eTA is expired, it is essential that one files a petition for a fresh eTA before long, or prior to the end of the eTA leniency time-frame on September 29.

Latest Laws to Protect Exploitation

Possible overseas students require knowing that the latest regulations will decrease the likelihood for the exploitation of the Study Programme. They are aimed at the protection of international standing of the nation. They will further make Canada immigration services for real overseas students better.

True overseas students require to be enrolled at any designated learning institute (DLI) even while these comprise the establishments duly designated by territories & provinces. It is compulsory that the students are pursuing their study rather vigorously in the country. It is possible for the full time international students in the nation to work part time off campus and full time through the listed school breaks, minus any Work Permit.


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