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Quebec Business Immigration Programmes Becomes Available Again

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Here’s a very positive news report for you! Your wait is over now. The Quebec administration has declared the reopening dates of its popular business immigration programmes, and this comprises the well-liked Quebec Investor Programme (QIP), which will be available for a maximum of 1,900 fresh petitions on May 30, 2016.

Notably, the Entrepreneur and Self-Employed classes become available again with instant effect, despite the fact that for merely 50 petitions each. Significantly, the aspirants for the Investor and Entrepreneur classes with advanced intermediate French skills are exempt from the petition limit.

Quebec Investor Programme

With a view to make the cut as an investor, it is mandatory that an individual possess a net worth of not less than 1.6 million Canadian dollars, hold managerial experience, and be ready to make an administration-secured investment of 800,000 Canadian dollars, for a time-frame of five years. Funding of this investment is obtainable, via the Canadian financial establishments.

While the highest figure of the petitions that could be obtained for the forthcoming application cycle is fixed at 1,900, 1,330 petitions from this number could be admitted from the residents of the People's Republic of China, and this includes the Special Administrative Regions (SARs) of Macao & Hong Kong.

The cap will not affect those candidates who have not less than an "advanced intermediate" level of French expertise, as established by a regular test. What is more, their petitions will be offered priority processing.

Petitions could be obtained between May 30, 2016 and February 28, 2017. It is mandatory that every application--and this comprises those for the Hong Kong based Quebec Immigration Office--is sent across using either courier service or regular mail facility.

Quebec Entrepreneur Programme

With a view to be accepted as an entrepreneur, it is essential that the candidate possesses a net worth of not less than 300,000 Canadian dollars, hold managerial skill in a business that they either held or managed, and be prepared and be in a position to either set-up or get hold of a company in Quebec which will generate a minimum of one incremental employment opportunity in the Canadian province.

At present, the scheme is available for fresh applications. A maximum of 50 such petitions will be entertained through the present application cycle; even as the same (the cycle) will come to an end when 50 petitions have been obtained.
It is compulsory that every petition is sent across by either normal mail or via courier facility. Akin to the Investor Programme, the aspirants--who possess not less than an "advanced intermediate" level of French ability, as confirmed by a regular test--will not be subject to the limit, even while priority processing will be given to their applications.

Quebec Self-Employed Programme

In order to meet the criteria as a self-employed individual, it is obligatory that a person has a net worth of not less than 100,000 Canadian dollars and employment experience in the specific occupation or trade that he aims to get involved with professionally in the province.

The scheme becomes obtainable with direct effect for a maximum of 50 petitions.


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