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Ottawa Will Require 182,000 Strong Foreign Tech Manpower by 2019, Courtesy Trump & Brexit

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The thriving technology sector of Canada will require a huge labor force by 2019 even while there will be no citizens of the nation who will be obtainable to fill the opening. As per an educated guess, as many as 182,000 jobs will be up-for-grabs in the tech business for the immigrants from abroad.

The convincing win of Donald Trump in the US and the Brexit policy of Britain will reportedly be decisive and aid the Maple Leaf Country surface as the chosen place for the immigrants all over the world.

The choices for the global immigrants are allegedly becoming narrower as the most recent trends in Britain and the US politics reveal. Brexit plebiscite favored curbing the figure of the visitors to Britain while the future of world’s biggest commercial area, the European Union (EU), is pretty ambiguous. And, the political outfits that do not support immigration are likely to storm to power in 2017 in Netherlands & France.

The situation is equally vague in the US with the triumph of Trump in the Presidential polls. The anti-immigrant strategy of Trump was rather clear through his election drive itself, and after winning the polls, he has reportedly proclaimed to limit the figure of the immigrants who move into the US, via the H1-B Visas.

As per a report, Canada has 71,000 organizations in the technology segment that contribute for over 7% of production to the country’s economy. They even account for 6% of the work opportunities in the nation.

Allegedly, Trump has certainly emerged as a big factor in the employment scenario for the immigrants in Seattle. Post he won the Presidential polls elections, worldwide immigrants--who were poised to move to the US, chiefly those from the societies who are a religious minority--could reflection Canada for the employment possibilities.

The Maple Leaf Country has a booming innovation business even while advanced tech groups are presently right on the top in the business. Close-to 23,000 work opportunities are present in the 900 companies and they are continuously looking for skilled workers.

The Maple Leaf Country has a big requirement of the talented workers. Several organizations in the nation are presently are keen to hire and are hunting for trained manpower for varied responsibilities. Allegedly, those who have the necessary training in the technology field, marketing and sales field and top level managerial posts are in big demand in the job segment.
Allegedly, Canada is a superior option for the immigrants, vis-à-vis the US with the reason being it has a tranquil atmosphere, lesser traveling time, and superior education arraignment. The Trudeau-led administration of Canada has reportedly made public that it will develop new plans to allow the smoother hiring of the foreign workers by companies in the country in the technology segment.

At present, the US H1-B Visa necessitates six months for processing. Ottawa has intended to make the Work Visa more attractive to the foreign immigrants, in relation to the H1-B.


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