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Ottawa Sketches Plan for 2-Week Work Permit Processing

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In what could be called a fairly important development, beginning next year, firms running in Canada will reportedly be in a position to welcome extremely-skilled international employees speedily and professionally, with the administration to set a two-week processing benchmark for visas and Work Permits in some specific hiring circumstances. The initiative allegedly forms component of the administration’s Global Skills Strategy.

As per John McCallum, the in-office Immigration Minister, when brilliant researchers, innovators and frontrunners are in a position to offer their expertise, even momentarily, their work may have a BIG impact on employment generation. In the global competition for highly-trained individuals, it is critical that these kinds of employees can move to Canada rapidly.

To be duly applied next year, the Global Skills Strategy will, among others:

  1. Set up an aspiring two-week standard for processing visas and Work Permits for low-risk, high-skill workers for the different firms in Canada.
  2. Generate a devoted service channel for the firms eager to make huge, job-creating investments in the Maple Leaf Country.
  3. Remove the Work Permit condition for very short-term work (for example, 30 days or less) in low-risk domains. Short academic stays would also be entitled for this specific Work Permit exemption.

The administration’s logic for the Global Skills Strategy is that the worldwide demand for extremely trained workers in the knowledge economy is beating the supply, leaving organizations in the country minus the workers required to fill the job openings and expand their businesses. Allegedly, the latest policy should enable firms to proffer work opportunities for the nationals

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