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Ottawa Removes Temporary Worker Visa Curbs

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In a rather positive development--from the perspectives of the Canadian businesses keen to hire more workers from abroad--the federal administration of Canada has reportedly paved the way for the companies to employ more overseas manpower.
The development comes in the wake of the removal of some specific checks put on the temporary seasonal labor force from abroad, under the Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme. That the decision has come as a big respite to some Canadian groups in particular those in the nation’s seafood processing segment cannot be refuted.

Under the preceding Conservative administration, an upper limit was put on the percentage of a recruiter’s personnel that could be staffed with low-wage, overseas labor force on the temporary work visas. At present, while the limit stands at 20% of a recruiter’s employees, it is set to be decreased on July 1, 2016 to 10%.

During the month of February, the new Liberal regime exempted seasonal businesses, which make use of workers for not more than 180 days or 6 months, from the limit. Regardless of the exemption, recruiters/firms still have to face a labour market evaluation for each job role, to substantiate that any opportunity cannot be filled using the local resources. Still, for 2016, there will be no limit whatsoever on the figure of the overseas personnel recruiters/firms can usher-in under the specific scheme.


Allegedly, there are different Canadian immigration plans, such as the Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) that are permanent residence classes. But, lower skilled employees from abroad are doubtful to be able to come under the particular programmes. These specific skilled immigration plans are mostly for either the professional level individuals or trained trades persons.

Time to Change Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme

As per the in-office employment minister of the nation, many people and businesses across the nation opine that it’s time improvements are made to the Temporary Foreign Worker Scheme even as a small figure of businesses in some particular streams claims they need a higher degree of flexibility to cater to their workforce requirements.

The decision by the federal regime to lift the curbs put on the temporary seasonal employees allegedly came amid rising pressure from the Atlantic seafood processors. They had been leaving no stone unturned and lobbying the administration pretty hard to enable them to engage more manpower from out-of-the-country.

Removing Visa Limit Not Long-term Answer

Notwithstanding the cap curbs being lifted, workers' groups across Atlantic Canada reportedly state that fiddling with the figure of impermanent workers from abroad, given admission into the nation for seasonal labour, hardly does anything great, and it does not fix the fundamental difficulties around unsustainable business actions.


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