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Ottawa to Get On with FSW Visa Processing

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Here`s very good news for all Canada immigration applicants! The concerned organization of the country--Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC)--has issued clear instructions to its visa authorities to continue entertaining and processing all visa applications meant for the purpose of immigration to the country.

As it too well known, sometime before this year, Ottawa had disclosed that they would end and cancel the processing of all visa applications, meant for Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), and submitted prior to February 27, 2008--to reduce the pending backlog of such visa applications.

With a view to cutting down the reserves of such applications, Ottawa had announced sometime during the month of March this year that they would cancel around 300,000 visa applications submitted prior to the said date--February 27, 2008.

As suggested by available reports, their applications were to be duly returned even while the fees worth $130 million were to be also returned back to make possible for the CIC to reduce the huge reserves, which, allegedly, has been seriously blocking the way of vital reforms to be made to the immigration system of the country.

Until and unless Ottawa makes public further instructions as to how to move ahead, all plans to cancel and send back the pending visa applications will be out rightly stopped. In this connection, the CIC has already sent instructions too all of its embassies to desist from sending back visa applications and the processing fee, and persist with the processing of such applications.

It needs to be mentioned here that historically the involved nation has had a system, which, as they say, is first-in, first-out. This means that the aspirants cool their heels till the time their visa applications get duly processed. In this backdrop, the move to cancel the pending applications-- received prior to February 27, 2008-hasn`t done any good to those candidates who have been cooling their heels since long.

The visa program involving Quebec Skilled Workers (QSW) and/or one of the other provinces under the nation`s Provincial Nominee programs are some of the other available immigration choices for the Canada-inspired aspirants even as these could be duly availed of.

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