The month of September was a magical month for two of the Canadian Provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan. Job vacancies in Ontario surged +7.4% to 375,700 and Saskatchewan it was observed as +12.2% to 26,700. 

There is a massive work vacuum or shortage being experienced in Canada, and September was one of those months where both the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan underwent this crisis. 

As per data released by Statistics Canada there was an average of 1.0 unemployed individuals for every job position in Canada which has gone down from 1.3 that was in August. Across all the sectors the number of job positions went up by .8% (+36,300) to 994,800 in September.

But there have been certain sectors which have experienced an exponential growth out of which accommodation and food services (+12.0%; +16,400) and construction (+14.0%; +11,500) were partly counterbalanced by drops in manufacturing (-11.3%; -9,700) positions. 

In the field of accommodation and food services, employers were actively looking for putting an end to 152,400 unoccupied positions in September, up 12.0% (+16,400) from the earlier month.  This surge was due to the reason of seasonal variations. 

There is a high demand in job vacancies in the field of health care and social assistance sectors, with employers looking for to replace 159,500 vacant positions in September which is a little more than record high in August (152,000).

In comparison with September 2021, the job positions sky-rocketed to 25.8% (+32,800), the principal year-over-year upsurge in job openings of any sector. Immigration is one of the major fixers and fills the gaps which have been created due to the ongoing labour shortage which has also been accelerated due to the COVID crisis. 

Measures are being actively being undertaken by The Canadian government and Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as a large number of population of Canada is from the ageing group which is moving in to retirement. To know more, you can reach us at 8595338595 or mail us at [email protected]

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