Skilled workers and professionals are in enormous demand due to the speedy economic growth and expansion of the nation in recent years, thanks to the flourishing job market and welcoming of immigrants who fill in the recommended labor gaps felt in the numerous provinces and state territories of Australia.

 One kind of such a place is the Australian state of New South Wales (NSW). Being similar to the historical and early Aboriginal tribes, it is one of the most historically, culturally, and socially advanced and liberal Australian regions.  But like all immigration routes, even NSW takes the road of an Australia PR process for welcoming migrants to live and work in their state.

The region of NSW uses a selection-based invitation procedure to make sure that the nominees of the NSW are chosen in accordance with the needs and skill requirements of the economy of the state. You must know that you cannot directly apply for the NSW nomination.

The nomination of NSW is very competitive for the Skilled Nominated visa also known as subclass 190. The invitation rounds for this pathway take place all through the financial year and keep in mind beforehand that there are no set dates and rounds which are announced at a prior date.

NSW will not be able to advise the upcoming dates of the NSW invitation rounds or even the possibility of your SkillSelect EOI shall be invited once you contact the office. To be even be invited for the NSW nomination you should fulfill certain criteria for eligibility:

  • To meet all the requirements which are designed by the Home Affairs regarding this particular subclass.
  • You should be skilled in an occupation that is under an ANZSCO unit group and recognized as well on the NSW Skilled Nominated Skills List.
  • Also, be skilled in an occupation that helps you qualify for the Skilled Nominated visa or the subclass 190.
  • Also, keep in mind that when you plan to apply for the nomination you should be either currently staying in NSW or offshore. This should have been a consistent residence for at least a period of six months.
  • Check whether you meet the minimum experience for skilled work as well as the point score for your unit group.
  • Even the mentioned above criteria sometimes do not guarantee you an NSW nomination as getting an ITA is extremely competitive and hard, which is why those who seek for NSW nomination are encouraged to look for alternative pathways and not to wait for NSW to invite you.

Steps to apply for an NSW nomination

Step 1 - Do make sure you are eligible for this particular subclass visa on the Home Affairs portal.

Step 2 – Also, make confirmation as to whether you meet all the requirements of eligibility for NSW as mentioned above.

Step 3 - Do finish your EOI in SkillSelect and make sure that all the given information is accurate and your EOI is looking for nomination for mainly the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190) and NSW.

Step 4 - Wait for an invitation to apply during a round of invitations. The NSW shall not issue an invitation to apply for any cause outside the standard functioning of an invitation round.

Step 5 - You must apply for NSW nomination within 14 days of being sent an ITA.

Step 6 – Also, do not forget to furnish proof of all the points that you have claimed on your SkillSelect EOI as well as where you live presently.

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