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Need of Visa Lottery for Global Students: Migration Council in Australia

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Taking a serious view of the widespread dearth of skilled professionals in certain particular areas of Australia, the Migration Council in Australia has reportedly stated that there should be a visa lottery for global students to duly address the problem.

In a report, the body suggests that to positively address the dearth of skills over the medium term it will be better if there is a visa lottery of a maximum of 10,000 international students from all over the world. Given the fact the demand to arrive in Oz normally exceeds the figure of obtainable places; a visa lottery would guarantee a just approach.

The report adds that targeting students throughout the globe in some specific fields--like computer science and engineering, for instance--would be decisive and aid develop the manpower of the future. The same will supercharge the innovation ecosystem with skills & path-breaking concepts.

The report suggests that each graduate would be proffered a 4-year working visa, minus the condition of a sponsoring recruiter/firm instead of getting troubled with different visa requirements.

Under the plan, there would be a select figure of major conditions, like being under graduate or having Master’s Degree from a renowned global university in a chosen field of interest, being below 30, and possessing a high expertise in English. It will be also essential for the candidates to sail through the standard related to health & character.

Other requirements would add needless element to what is an uncomplicated policy thought. To link the new visitors to innovation, anybody who can file a fruitful fresh business would be given automatic Permanent Residency (PR) while other standard corridors to the PR would continue to be wide open.

The report elucidates that the timing for a concept like this is critical. At the moment, other nations, such as the US and Britain, are asking global students who conclude university qualifications to leave. Fresh concepts and best practice innovation would fritter away even while Australia can make the most of it.

As per the report, over 10,000 graduates could be likely to submit an application, requiring the necessity for a cataloging instrument, such as a lottery. Working out the mechanics and procedure would add an additional policy tool to the migration framework of Oz.

The report further says that though 10,000 temporary work visas is a tiny addition to the present migration trends, in case the strategy is correct, the impacts for the start-up atmosphere in the nation will be massive.

Allegedly, throughout the globe, some nations such as Britain and the US, are putting up hurdles to fresh migrants. Global students are being thrown out even though they wish to reside. A visa lottery aimed at such motivated young students from throughout the globe would be an excellent opportunity for Down Under.


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