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London Wants Indian Doctors on Tier 2 Visas

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Are you a skilled doctor from India and keen to offer your professional services in the UK? If yes, you will be pretty elated to read this news. Plagued with an increasing dearth of skilled General Practitioners (GPs), Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is reportedly eager to take on more doctors from India like you, on the Tier 2 Visas, to tide over the situation.

Health Education England (HEE)--the employment and training department of the NHS--has reportedly inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Apollo Hospitals, the well-known Indian group based in India.

Though London has given the HEE the job of lifting the GP figures by 5,000 by 2020, the department could not reach targets for the GP training. The accord struck with Apollo Hospitals in India may witness 100s more doctors landing in the UK, if they can clear the exact tests.

As per a report brought out in the British media, Oxford University had issued the warning that the increasing work pressure on the GPs--which has headed north by 16% over the previous 7 years--was indefensible.

It is claimed that becoming a doctor lately is not that well-liked and accepted. It is almost certainly the case that several British people have no desire to get involved with this kind of activity. Despite the fact that the income may be okay, one has to toil hard, often for long & extended hours.

Thanks to the character of the work, it is allegedly a pretty demanding job. Even though there is perhaps no choice, to usher in doctors from abroad on Tier 2 visas, the administration is making it rather tough to usher in professionals on these Visas.

Thanks to the troubles in fulfilling the Tier 2 sponsorship licence conditions which recruiters/firms require sticking to and getting the Tier 2 Visas, numerous recruiters/firms have decided that it does not make much practical sense to apply for the visas in question.

British Association of Physicians of India Origin

As per HEE, while the particulars of their accord with the Apollo Hospitals is still to be duly concretized, the British Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (BAPIO)--a national voluntary group established in 1996, originally established to support doctors coming from India to offer their services in the NHS--stated that it well understood that the NHS was making plans to employ as many GPs as possible.

Dependence of UK on Overseas Doctors on Tier 2 Visas

As per a 2015 report brought-out by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), London hires more doctors from abroad, vis-à-vis any other major nation of Europe, with more than 33% of the doctors born out-of-the-country.

Apart from this, the OECD report discovered that Britain was also a major exporter of doctors, with an increasing figure of the healthcare employees heading overseas, to certain specific nations--such as Australia, for instance--to offer their professional services.


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