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London Eases Immigration Ceilings for Overseas Nurses

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In a pretty positive development--from the perspectives of the many UK immigration motivated skilled nurses--Britain has done away with the restrictions placed on the recruitment of these professionals from abroad.
Allegedly, the same has been done to ease extensive scarcity of such experts in the country. The UK Migration Advisory Committee though is still to settle the issue.

The NHS numbers warned that tougher immigration laws were stopping them from obtaining enough professionals on wards for winter. It was also feared that operations could have to be called-off unless nursing vocation was made a part of the occupation list.

Now these specialists would be made a part of the Shortage Occupation List on a temporary ground. It signifies that the petitions of the foreigners for nursing jobs in the nation from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) would be prioritized.

Allegedly, it is positive that these temporary improvements to immigration regulations for recruitment of overseas nurses will confirm that the NHS receives the needed figure of these professionals for guaranteeing the highest possible standards of care.

The new decision to ease famine of nurses, via easing immigration laws for nurses from out-of-the-country, arrives in the wake of extensive condemnation that while ballet dancers may arrive in the nation, nurses cannot.

Hence, the Department of Health reportedly proclaimed that the rules are presently tailored to ease down the increasing pressure on the NHS.

Under the latest laws, manpower from non-European nations could have to leave the country in case they are making not less than 35,000 Pounds, post a time-frame of six years.


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