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Latest Scam Has Extorted 150,000 Dollars from Visa Holders in Down Under

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Visa and immigration scammers are at it again! They are reportedly targeting gullible overseas people in Australia and duping them of their hard-earned money using novel and ingenious ways, or so it seems.

As per the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), some people are masquerading as immigration authorities in the nation and intimidating the overseas people in the country with exile. Given this, one needs to be on their guard against such unscrupulous elements.

It’s an open secret that there is no dearth of the migrants who could be having some issues with their visa status, and may be a little terrified due to it. They may be living in constant fear that they could be exiled and arrested before long.

There could be some others who could be having the right visa but they may not be sure if they have 100% legal rights to remain in the country due to lack of knowledge on the subject. And if such people are contacted by someone claiming to be from the Australian immigration body and asked to pay some money to avoid exile, they could accept, and in the process, become a victim.    

Coming back to the latest news report, the scammers--who allegedly claim that they are the concerned authorities from the Australian immigration body--are also demanding money.

Reportedly, the ACCC has obtained as many as 300 reports about the scam with the preys having given 150,000 dollars in an effort to sort out issues they have been informed allegedly exist with their visas & formalities.

According to a concerned person from the ACCC, the scammers target the migrants & the temporary visa holders, asserting there are some issues with their immigration paperwork or visa position, and they require paying a charge to correct the trouble and keep away from exile.

The scammers over and over again collect personal details from social media, making the demands appear more legal. Recently, these scams have been becoming more imaginative, intimidating the capture of the near and dear ones, or claiming they have already been detained or kept in custody. The scammers demand money, via either iTunes gift cards or wire transfers.

Scammers could allegedly make an effort to pressure people via calling continually and pestering them, even warning to send the police to their door steps.

The receivers of such calls should just disconnect and do not reply. In case they give their money to a scammer, they will never see it all over again.

The concerned person from the ACCC also indicated that the DIBP by no means will ask for either wire transfers or iTune cards as a mode of payment. She also advised that those who have some doubts, should not utilize any contact particulars shared by the caller, but look up the government body or organization themselves in the phone book or online, and either phone or e-mail them.

She added that the suggestion for the people, who get a phone call all of a sudden from someone pretending to be from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) or any government bureau informing that the receive will be exiled unless they give a fine, is to disconnect at once.

People would do well to separately get in touch with the DIBP directly in case they have any doubts, and not to employ any phone numbers, e-mail addresses or websites given by the caller. The right numbers may be either in the phone book or online search.

People should never send any money through wire transfer or any other means to anybody they do not know or have faith in, and in no way give personal details, bank account or credit card particulars over the phone unless they are 100% certain they are having a word with a trusted source, and they know why the person is calling them.

Those--who believe that they may have given their information to a scammer--ought to get in touch with their bank or financial establishment without delay, she concluded.

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