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IT Skills Dearth in Australia Have Firms Looking Abroad

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Plagued with a serious dearth of skilled IT professionals, Australian CEOs have reportedly urged the administration to allow them to bring in manpower from out-of-the-country without difficulty, lest they take their enterprise offshore.
As per some detractors, the nation is in danger of being beaten and left behind in the global competition and technological revolution, lacking any real obligation to educating and offering the needed training to the specialists in the IT business.

A major proposed policy to positively address this issue is to extend the benefits of the free labour mobility deals--such as the Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangements that Down Under shares with New Zealand--to additional nations, such as Singapore, for instance. Allegedly, the free and unrestricted movement of personnel would increase the pool of skills obtainable to every nation involved.

Against the backdrop of the availability of 5 million IT jobs in the Kangaroo Land, courtesy rapidly increasing automation & computerization, in case you happen to be trained in IT, and want to shift to the nation, you would do well to duly check your eligibility for a visa at the present.

Presently, you have two great options--employer sponsored visas and skilled visa--that you could be qualified for. But, understanding and fulfilling the conditions of these specific visas may not be so easy; in fact, it could be rather intricate.

Given this, contact an experienced immigration consultant/agent, for a consultation now! They will review your eligibility, and show you the right path, through the long drawn out and difficult visa application procedure.


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