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Intake Limit Hit for Quebec Skilled Worker Programme

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Quebec, Canada runs its own immigration programme different from the federal immigration programmes even as is enjoys widespread popularity and acceptance across the globe. And, candidates leave no stone unturned to make the cut and get permanent residence (PR) in the nation, using the immigration and visa path offered by the province.

This is another matter that few really manage to sail through successfully and submit an application before the official closure of the programme. The reason: there’s such a huge rush of the candidates that the intake cap is reached within just a few hours, post the opening of the programme.

Yes, it is a fact! Even this time around, the story has been no different. According to a report, the submission time-frame for the petitions, filed for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP),came to an end on August 16 just a few hours, post becoming available the same day.

The highest figure of 5,000 petitions, presented to the QSWP, were obtained via the Mon projet Québec. This is basically the online immigration petition administration arrangement employed by the administration of the province, to get the petitions submitted for the programme. Successful candidates to the QSWP get a Quebec Selection Certificate, or CSQ, and can afterwards put forward a petition for the prized Permanent Residence (PR) to the Canada federal immigration officials.

The official declaration from the province’s Ministry of Immigration, Diversity, and Inclusion (MIDI) is that the highest figure of 10,000 petitions for a selection certificate, via the QSWP, has been touched for the April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 time-frame. Even as improvements to the province’s immigration strategy are reportedly likely in 2017, no specific plan has still surfaced for the future of the widely used and the very popular skilled worker scheme.

Kathleen Weil, the in-office Minister of Immigration for Quebec, has reportedly pushed to improve e the QSWP from its present first-come, first-served arrangement to an arrangement more like the federal Express Entry selection structure, in which aspirants make an Expression of Interest (EoI), with the administration subsequently proffering Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for PR, on a priority ground utilizing a ranking structure.

Under the planned arrangement for the province, aspirants, who most closely fulfill the province’s labour requirements, could be given a priority. At the given stage, it is not clear when the QSWP will be officially introduced in its latest design, or if the same will open another time in its present set-up of first-come, first-served petition periods.

It is crucial to observe that the applicants--with an employment offer duly authenticated by the MIDI, and those who happen to be the province’s provisional residents, and have the necessary rights to present a petition for a CSQ—do not get influenced by the shutting down of this intake time. These cap-exempt people are encouraged to put forward their petition outside the intake time-frames.


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