The much-awaited UK elections are over, and indications are that the Liberal Party may be storming to power with a brute majority. The future of visa policies, particularly for overseas students, is now uncertain. The question on everyone's mind is whether the new government will be anti- or pro-immigration and how its policies will differ from those of the conservative government.

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While only time will offer answers, the fact remains that, if anything, the liberals may be carrying forward stringent norms introduced recently in the UK. The new government’s priorities, particularly its stance on overseas students and their families, will be of significant concern. They are likely to continue with the crackdown on illegal immigrants, including deportation, and against policies encouraging families to accompany international students.

As far as overseas students are concerned, we need to understand the overall context: The UK already has more students than it could have absorbed due to the very liberal admissions process in the last three years or so. One of the reasons conservatives are losing is the huge unemployment situation in the UK. So, the liberal government's immediate priority will be to create as many jobs or to save as many jobs for local citizens and residents as possible.

So, except for the healthcare sector and, to some extent, tradespersons, we see that in all other occupations, the stringent skilled immigration policy and the stringent policy for skilled professionals may continue as far as the UK is concerned. The potential continuation of these policies, as set by the conservative government, could pose significant challenges for international students and skilled professionals.

The applicants should continue to look at the UK for higher studies, which is an excellent destination, but with clarity, job positions and immigration policies will continue to be tight shortly.

High-end professionals, start-ups, business persons, HNI, and Ultra HNI, should look at the UK self-sponsored visa program in 3-6 months. It also provides a pathway to indefinite leave to remain (ILR) after five years and citizenship after ten years.

Skilled professionals looking to settle abroad should consider the Germany Opportunity Card, Australia Skill-Select, and Australia sub-class 482 to work in Australia. Canada continues to be a difficult-to-chase destination for skilled professionals except those in trades, healthcare, and STEM. 

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