Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit Canada, the immigration processing to the country came to a major halt. As per the latest reports and numbers demonstrated by the Canadian immigration department, the number of permanent residents admitted to Canada has increased significantly since May 2020.

Coronavirus has increased the interest in Canada immigration among prospective immigrants. The economic impacts of the coronavirus in Canada have not changed people’s plans to migrate to Canada as they think that Canada has better facilities and favorable policies to overcome the negative impacts of the Covid-19 than in their home country.

According to the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), in a typical scenario, between 25,000 and 35,000 applications are processed, and applicants are granted the permanent residency status in Canada.

The year 2020 began usually, but the outbreak of Covid-19 followed by lockdown, travel restrictions, and constraints in several government operations somewhere impacted the visa processing and ongoing services of the immigration department.

In April 2020, Canada welcomed around 4,000 new permanent residents. In May, this number went up to 11,000 immigrants. It is also stated that countries, such as India, China, Nigeria, the U.S., and the Philippines are the biggest source of immigration to Canada.

The significant chunk of new permanent residents in Canada came through provincial nominee programs (PNPs). These days, Canadian provinces hold more and more provincial nominee draws to invited talented, skilled professionals from different parts of the globe.

Canada is extensively relying on foreign temporary workers already living in the country to address its immigration needs. This is the reason why Canada recently conducted a lot of Canadian Experience Class (CEC) draws.

Over the past few months, over 2,000 spouses were accept applications were accepted, whereas 2,000 applicants were admitted through the Canadian Experience Class category (CEC).  A total of 1,300 were accepted through the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).

If we carefully look at the immigration numbers in every category, it wouldn’t be a mistake to say that Canada immigration is slowing picking up the pace and getting back to track during the Covid-19 crises.

The pandemic does not impact the processing of Canada PR visa applications. The authorities will continue to evaluate applications and grant permanent residency to foreign workers willing to make valuable contributions to the Canadian economy.

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