Sometimes you have to go through the darkness, in order to attain the light
Year 2020 saw the biggest turn of events in the history of mankind when covid-19 outbreak befall on the earth. Individuals, families and communities learned the new way of living inside the closed doors. Media outlets and Governing bodies termed them “Quarantine” and “Social-Distancing”. The global economy and the job market took the heavy blow from the adversity. More than lakh people died in the due course, lost immense number of jobs, businesses shuttered down and trade stood still. This created a huge void in the global market which needs to be filled after the Covid-19 restoration for Global Economic Recovery.
What is the solution to this prevailing economic crisis?
Many studies and statistics unanimously advocates that – after dust has settled and long term solution for Covid-19 found through Vaccination or drugs - developed countries would prefer to do long term demographics planning which in turn requires steps to invite foreign professionals for settlement and investments via Immigration to save the economy. Losses of lives, unemployment and down-market can only be cured by the immigrants and their shared knowledge to keep the wheels of economy running.
How countries are planning to overcome economic crisis?
  • Canada has granted multi-billion economic relief packages to help the ailing and unemployed people. But in the long run, a country with lowest birth rates, ageing population, shortage of labor, Canada would need more people in coming years and decades. Since the announcement of 1 million immigrants from 2020 to 2022, they would now aim to increase the intake for Canada Immigration.
  • Australia had the worst year in the history of their existence, first the bushfire and now corona virus. The country is fighting hard by supporting the people and businesses with economic policies and reliefs. Post covid-19, the country will take instant measures to secure skilled professionals via immigration to fill the empty chairs and desks in private and public sectors.
  • US is the most-affected country in this adversity. It is expected that US will make the effective use of its EB-5 Visa Investment route to attract investment from all around the world or open up some other route that invites businesses to invest in the country and create jobs. In addition, USA may also move towards attracting skilled professionals into the country by opting for a point-based immigration system.
  • Europe is the continent that took heavy death toll and worst economic crisis. As an immediate measure, European Union may strategize to attract foreign investments and businesses. This will create more opportunities for the business professionals to expand their business or invest in Europe with a rewarding citizenship under their kitty. To plan for its demographics, Europe may liberalize its Blue card program to address its labor market shortages.
Why this is the best time to apply for immigration?
With the pro-active approach from the healthcare professionals, governments and quarantined people, the on-going fight against the corona virus is paying us off well. The day is not far when we defeat and contain the outbreak completely. Coming to the question, indeed it is the best time to apply for Immigration.
  • As explained earlier, many countries would go on a look-out or hunt for skilled professionals by offering Immigration to save their economies.
  • If you apply now, by the time you complete the entire process of Immigration digitally, the world will contain the virus successfully. You can secure your place in the initial slot for the immigration when the travel restrictions go off.
  • If you are still worried of the further pandemic situation and immigration, then you can recall how these countries granted economic benefits and relief package for their people. The unemployed and affected people were give wage subsidy, family benefits, child benefits, credit benefits, list can go on.
  • From the pages of history, there were many instances when pandemic or plague broke out taking thousands of innocent lives. People used to stay indoors quarantined until the outbreak is contained. Ludwig Van Beethoven once stayed in quarantine and created his magical sonatas. But, they all came out with flying colors after the restoration.
  • As the saying goes ‘History repeats’ – We must not fear the situation and leave our dreams inside a box, but we should harness the energy like Ludwig Van Beethoven and chase our dreams
Conclusively, Immigration is the key for Global Economic Recovery post Covid-19. Become a part of the new immigration wave and fulfill your destiny.
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