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Immigration Canada Warns Migrants Not To Be Cheated By Telephone Scam Fraudsters

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In a fairly remarkable development, the Canadian federal department of immigration has, reportedly, issued a warning to people of the latest type of fraud in immigration & visa services. The fraud is done through telephone.

The ruffians allegedly claim to be officers from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) who represent the immigration body with a view to gather private details or asking for sum of a fine to keep away from exile citing false reasons.

It may happen to any persons who have shifted to the Maple Leaf Country for employment or business or investment purposes. These fraudsters could trap anyone in who has a permit of Canada, the type of skill and nature of job of the person could be everything.

The specific type of scam is not restricted to specific areas or two. It is spread through entire of the nation with the reason being such fraud calls are created throughout the entire of the country.

Over and over again it implants fear in the immigrant citizens quoting different legal terms and laws of which these immigrants are ignorant. It ends the call with the after effect of not giving the penalty which in majority of the circumstances is to get exiled to native nation.

Additional threats comprise arrest warrants, being put behind the bars, losing the work visa, and last but not the least, loss of immigration.

The other strategy on which the charlatans use is asking or matching personal details which could comprise their date of birth, bank information, landing date, passport particulars, credit card particulars, etc.

But, it needs to be noted that no federal body would ever ask such details particularly over the phone. One can also contact an immigration attorney to be acquainted with his fundamental legal rights and laws associated with fine on immigrants and expulsion.

Reportedly, the CIC has also introduced some steps to deal with the imposters by educating the visitors about their practices which is to defend the privacy of the information of their clients. They also released the truth that the CIC by no means asks for the ways as asked by the frauds over the phone.

Additional methods to verify the authenticity--as released by the CIC--comprise asking the name of the representative and finding out about him from the CIC call centre. Seeking help from the local police would be the best of all in case one comes across a frightening call.

Not only the CIC but also the Canadian police have exhibited the necessary information involving the deceiving calls on their websites. Though they are all ready to catch these impostors, they, reportedly, want the Canadian aliens to be quite strong and appeal for their assistance if anybody even has some details related to the telephone charlatans.


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