Historic Affiliation Between Immigration.Ca / Ccirc And Abhinav.Com

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Canadian Immigration Industry pioneers are coming together with Indian counterparts Abhinav Outsourcings to give better immigration solutions for all.

New Delhi, May 7th 2019: The Indian Immigration Industry veteran, Abhinav Outsourcings recently declared the affiliation with the influential Canadian Immigration Attorney Colin R. Singer (

The whole idea behind this professional association is to present a unique affiliation in India which has never happened before. Both and bring to the table an unmatched and unprecedented range of legal and consultancy services to all the stakeholders in the Canadian Immigration Vertical.

The cumulative industry expertise of both firms, is served to every client destined for Canada or the Canadian employers in Canada looking for skilled professionals. Their wide range of services is specifically targeted to all the Business entrepreneurs and investors, corporates intending to upscale through intra-company transfers, work permits, job seekers, students visa seekers, spousal sponsors, and international recruiters seeking highly skilled professionals from India.


IMMIGRATION.CA is crowned as the No. 1 website by Google for Canadian Immigration. During the past 25 years, they have maintained the stature of one of the most recognized legal practices in the Canadian Immigration Industry.

Leading from the front, Managing Partner Attorney Colin R. Singer, has a team of more than 25 licensed experienced lawyers, licensed immigration consultants and technical personnel.

The Legal firm has recognizable expertise in the entire spectrum of economic class immigration at the federal and provincial levels. This encompasses, skilled professionals, family class spousal or parental sponsorship, business entrepreneurs and investors, owner operator work program, federal start-up or corporate services (including intra-company transfer or work permits).


ABHINAV, is one of the founding father of immigration industry in India. Established in 1994, the company is experienced in providing finest immigration solutions to all the clientele seeking global access to multiple jurisdictions including Canada, USA, UK and Australia.

The company is empowered with highly trained and well-versed team of more than 300 personnel with the combined first hand immigration industry experience of nearly 750 years. The team has devotedly catered to a diverse range of clients which includes skilled professionals, business entrepreneurs and investors as well as corporates in India.

Abhinav has spread its operations in all the 10 major cities of India coupled with the infrastructure of operational branches comprises over 30,000 square feet.

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