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Greater Than Before Figure of 457 Visas Offered In Australian Tasmania

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As per the latest numbers released by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia, the figure of the 457 Visas, being proffered to overseas employees, has headed north by 40% throughout the state of Tasmania. Thanks to a continuing skills emergency, the volume of the visas given in the first quarter of the fiscal year increased by 43%, vis-à-vis the same time-frame a year back.

Despite the fact that the volume of the 457 Visas offered to the workers from abroad, arriving in Tasmania, keeps on being insignificant, in respect of nationwide numbers, there has, allegedly, been a major rise in the figure of the visas given for healthcare, hospitality, and education segments of Oz.

457 Visa Drifts

By 30 September, last year, 60 visas had been granted—33% of them went to skilled cooks or chefs. As many as 10 trained chefs moved to Tasmania; none had done the same a year back. The same number of cooks had also been hired from out-of-the-country.
The Tasmanian Hospitality Association has reportedly issued the warning that the state is dealing with a dearth of 150 Chefs. The Association is set to host workshops in the month of February, 2015 with a view to elucidate the 457 visa procedure to recruiters/firms who require welcoming personnel from overseas.

General Manager of the Tasmanian Hospitality Association stated that the body is making efforts to certify the business understands the various choices. Immigration department officers will be on hand at the workshops to clarify an over and over again complex and costly procedure.

457 Visa Holders in Tasmania

At present, the state has nearly 50 hospitality employees with a 457 Visa. As per the Immigration Department's numbers, in general, the state has 400, 457 Visa holders.

Immigration Department statistics also reveals that 20 medical openings in the state had been filled by experts with an Australian Skilled Immigration Visa even as the same is on and above the 40 GPs already present in the region with a 457 Visa.

According to the present Tasmania state president of the Australian Medical Association, there is a pressing need of superior workforce planning and a rise in the figure of training opportunities in public hospitals, to cut down reliance on impermanent work visa solutions.
He stated that the need of the hour is to train adequate doctors for the future and make the environments for employment in this state just ballpark, vis-à-vis what's obtainable on the mainland.

Allegedly, the increase in the figure of 457 Visas granted throughout the education segment in Tasmania is thanks to additional university lecturers hired from out-of-the-country.

Significantly, Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subcategory 457) enables recruiters/firms to take on foreign people for a time-frame of not more than four years, typically to deal with skills famines.


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