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Global Visitors Face More Disorder, Delays at Australian Airports

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As per a report, individuals, moving to and from the many international airports of Australia, face uncertainty in the next few days and weeks, post a strike by immigration personnel was cancelled, thanks to alleged security worries. Community and Public Sector Union members had been taking irregular industrial action over an extended wage and conditions disagreement which was scheduled to continue until April 12.

However, in a chain of legal moves the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) submitted a petition to the Fair Work Commission for the act to be suspended following the recent terror attack at the Brussels (Belgium) airport. The body, the Fair Work Commission, next ordered a three month stop on non-the notified strikes citing national security reasons. Consequently, the CPSU asked member to postpone their activity.

Still, the same is not the end of the issue with an additional chain of meetings scheduled to happen even as the CPSU declaring that the activity is just suspended, and not brought to an end. The same leaves persons moving to and from airports not certain in case they will be subjected to disturbances or not in the next few days and weeks.

According to an announcement from the CPSU, it will follow the order made by the Fair Work Commission, and it strongly persuades members to desist, straight away, from taking reported industrial action.

But, the body also reportedly stated that the action did not, in any manner, weaken counter terrorism activities at airports, and indicated that the DIBP had been in a position to strike an agreement with the union on more than 50 exemptions for the officials whose job involves counter-terrorism & security in comparable action taken by DIBP and Border Force personnel over the preceding 10 months.

The statement drew attention to the fact that the CPSU is dynamically contesting this petition to suspend every action up to July 02, observing that the CPSU have agreed 50-plus exemptions on national security grounds even as they have always taken national security dangers awfully sincerely.

Meanwhile, a statement from the DIBP reportedly proclaimed it took action as there is genuine danger that over time the industrial action will impact the capability of the Australian Border Force to defend the nation’s border.

The statement elucidated that the risks—in addition to the speedily thinning capability of the ABF to close the gaps caused by the latest round of industrial act--are of pressing concern to the ABF Commissioner, who had no sane choice but to lawfully request a stop to the activity being taken.

It added that the DIBP is fully aware of the right of the employees to take action even while it has not sought to erratically take away the right of the workers to get involved.


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