Right from Washington comes a relieving news as District Judge Jeffery White of Northern District of California blocks the enforcement of H-1B visa ban in his 25-page order. This ban was issued by US President Donald Trump in June 2020, however the Judge overturns the ban on grounds that the President has exceeded his constitutional authority. This serves as a relief to the employers and overseas employees who fill up the jobs in the crucial sectors in US to support economy.

The Judge ruled in favor of the companies represented by National Association of Manufacturers, US Chamber of Commerce, National Retail Federation and TechNet, who had filed a lawsuit against Department of Commerce and Department of Homeland Security to oppose the ban.

Earlier in June, the President had imposed the temporary ban on issuing new H-1B visas and several other foreign visas that include H-2B, J and L visas suggesting that the ban is necessary to prevent jobs for the natives, especially at the time when many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Contrary to this, the manufacturers had challenged the ban claiming that the industry would be severely impacted and that the ban was not in accordance with the law. The manufactures are glad with this temporary win and that now they can support the industry by introducing global talent and bringing about significant innovations.

With this blockage of the ban, many Indian American families would not need to be separated and become jobless, as was the case earlier. Indians have a big shareholding in the numbers of H-1B visa, close to 75% and therefore, this comes as a fact of motivation and hope to fulfil their USA dreams in the coming future.

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