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Concerned Indian Groups, US Firms Try To Influence Immigration Bill

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According to certain new reports coming from the US, corporate America, India-born techies, Indian-Americans having family links to India-all concerned people and groups are leaving no stones unturned whatsoever to influence the amendments in the projected immigration legislation which allegedly go against the Indian and their US partners` overall business interests.

Perturbed that certain alleged belligerently protectionist clauses in the bipartisan bill--forwarded by the group of eight American senators--would negatively influence the trade links between the two nations, a top association of more than 300 US companies having business ties with India, is reportedly employing the services of a lobbying organization. The said group had earlier fought hard to push the historic India-US nuclear accord following the same strategy.

Meanwhile, a well-known business group has claimed that the planned prohibition & checks placed on the client site placement of the H1B & L1 employees in that order--along with an upper limit put on their entire share in a firm`s workforce in America--would unfairly influence the highly-qualified manpower born in India.

It added that the anticipated upper limits put on the H1B permits will in its place check economic development in both the nations, and go against the interests of the US, via driving away the trained workers to its competitors, such as Europe & Canada. It further said that the bilateral trade between these two nations has surpassed $100 billion even as the legislation would create a chasm of sorts between the US and India.

Allegedly, the bill suggests hiking the present base cap for the H-1 B permits from 65,000 to 110,000, prior to taking the same to 180,000 based on a method. However, it also places a restriction of 50% on the H-1B & the L-1 employees even while it could comprise a firm`s personnel in America from October 2016 onwards, and swells the charges for permit submission from the present $2,000 to $10,000 for the recruiters/firms having between 50% and 75% of such employees. It`s claimed that targeting the Indian groups functioning in America this way with placing restrictions and/or charges is against the very spirit of the US-India strategic association.

As per certain reports, worried over the possibility of the implementation of fresh regulations, in a prejudiced way against the Indian firms, NASSCOM--the premier world trade group with more than 1200 members--is also planning to hire a lobbying organization to present its case.

However, in a fiercely competitive business world, wherein the players often adopt a no-holds-barred approach--to stay afloat and have a edge over others-some leading US tech groups are reportedly unleashing a refined lobbying crusade, to make it further difficult for the involved consulting groups from India to offer provisional manpower.

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