Australia’s federal government has announced new changes to skilled migration, which will positively impact engineering professionals who have been sponsored for a valid visa by an Australian business. In June 2021, the Priority Migration Skilled Australia Occupation List has been expanded to include 22 new occupations. The list now includes 9 engineering occupations:

  • Civil Engineer (ANZSCO 233211)*
  • Geotechnical Engineer (ANZSCO 233212)*
  • Structural Engineer (ANZSCO 233214)*
  • Transport Engineer (ANZSCO 233215)*
  • Electrical Engineer (ANZSCO 233311)*
  • Mechanical Engineer (ANZSCO 233512)
  • Mining Engineer – excluding Petroleum (ANZSCO 233611)*
  • Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO 233612)*
  • Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313)

The Priority Skilled Occupation List Australia now has a total of 44 occupations. Dr. Brownwyn Evans, the CEO of Engineers Australia – the skills assessment authority for engineers – has welcomed the additions to the list, and said that this will benefit Australian companies across various engineering-intensive sectors.

There has been a steady demand for engineers in Australia, and the inclusion of these occupations on the Priority List means that engineers are considered crucial to Australia’s economic recovery post-pandemic. According to Dr. Evans, 58.5% of the engineers in the Australian workforce were born overseas. In comparison, roughly 30% of the overall Australian population is composed of immigrants.

So, many immigrants are concentrated in engineering occupations, and power various industries in Australia. However, less than 50% of foreign-born qualified engineers are engaged in engineering occupations, compared to two-thirds of their Australia-born peers. Australia immigration aspirants must therefore try to secure jobs by upgrading their skills and ensuring that their qualifications are in-line with Australian standards.

It is expected that a gradual influx of permanent and temporary immigrants to Australia will begin from mid-2022. To identify a suitable visa pathway and understand the detailed requirements for engineering occupations as well as other jobs in-demand on the Australia Occupation List, consult experienced and legitimate immigration professionals by contacting 8595338595 or [email protected].

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