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Chain Migration behind Historic High US Immigration Levels In 2016

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In what could further restrict the overseas movement of migrants to the US--especially from the developing and underdeveloped nations--a new study of the Census Bureau statistics reportedly claims that the US system of extended family migration was behind the swell in the inbound oversea movement of migrants in 2016, with the figure of the entries probably bettering a preceding record set close-to 20 years back.

A projected 1.8 million immigrants — lawful and unlawful — settled in the nation in 2016, and this nearly 53% more than what one saw in 2011, when a still-traditionally high 1.1 million persons moved.

The 2016 number comes thanks to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which crunched the recently released statistics from the American Community Survey for the initial 6 months of 2016, and afterwards estimated a full-year total, on the basis of the historical trends. The total number of immigrants comprises holders of Green Card, long-term “temporary” guests, such as guest manpower and overseas students, prohibited immigrants and new asylum hunters.

As the CIS analysis reportedly reveals, immigration has recovered from a new low point in 2011, hitting a level not seen witnessed through the age of mass movement through Ellis Island in the early 20th century. As per the CIS report, the number of immigrants gaining admission into the US has increased per annum since 2011, and roughly 14 million immigrants settled in the nation during 10 years--from 2006 to 2016.

Allegedly, the remarkable increases are truthfully surprising. The liberal legal immigration arrangement of the US permits allows the admission of a huge figure of immigrants and afterwards permits them to provide sponsorship to their family-members, leading to a multiplier impact.

The new swell in immigration is reportedly attributed to procedures for the long-term temporary visa holders, who are in a position to alter position to Permanent Residency (PR), and new Green Card holders. Under the US arrangement of the extended-family immigration — or chain migration — the new visitors can proffer sponsorship to their family members for Immigrant Visas of their own.

However, some detractors of the system reportedly allege that the same permits excess movement on the basis of family links alone, instead of possible economic contributions or probability of integration. Close-to 70% of all immigrants, given admission into the US over the previous 10 years, was chain migration immigrants.

The extended-family immigration has come under closer study in recent months, post immigration authorities divulged that the accused in numerous acts of terror had moved in on the Extended Family Visas. The incumbent Trump Government has reportedly urged for tighter checks on chain migration, mainly on the basis of security worries.
Allegedly, the national security weakness built into chain migration is only one issue to reflect on for improving the immigration rules. Besides, there’s allegedly also the issue of the economic load put by the exceedingly high levels of incoming movement on the nation’s education & welfare systems.



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