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Canadian Saskatchewan PNP Sub-Class Opens, Shuts Down Quickly

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As per a new report, the Saskatchewan Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) Sub-class has opened, but don’t become happy as it is currently unavailable! The province opened once more its International Skilled Worker-Saskatchewan Express Entry sub-stream. This was for an added 500 applications sometime back even while there was not any declaration made for it in advance. Apart from this, there has been a changed professions in-demand list.

SINP Sub-class--Who Are Qualified?

Aspirants who are already in the Federal Express Entry pool getting a nomination certificate receive 600 points. It is under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) together with an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for the prized Permanent Residence (PR) in the country (at any following draw).

The SINP is a PNP in the Canada immigration procedure. While it is aligned with the Federal Express Entry procedure, it is confined to the candidates in the Express Entry pool who cater to the federal immigration conditions.

Apart from this, they require catering to the conditions of the sub-class. It denotes obtaining 60 points on the point assessment grid of the province.

It is mandatory that the applicants successfully conclude not less than 1 year post-secondary education/training that leads to a degree/diploma/certificate or any credential comparable to the trade certificate. It ought to be similar to the nation’s education arrangement.

The aspirants should exhibit a bare minimum level of employment experience in their chosen domain of training or education which could be either—

    A minimum of 1 year of employment experience in the last decade in any skilled line-of-work;

    A minimum of 2 years of employment experience in any skilled trade during the previous 5 years; or

    A minimum of 1 year of skilled employment experience in the country during the previous 3 years;

It is essential that this job experience is in any high skilled profession that is in high demand in the province.


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