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Canadian Quebec to Admit 10,000 Visa Petitions from June This Year

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Here’s an extremely positive news report for the Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP) aspirants! As per Kathleen Weil--the incumbent Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion Minister (MIDI) for the Canadian province--come June 13, 2016, and the doors of the popular scheme will be thrown wide open again.  

On the said date, an opening allocation of 5,000 skilled worker visa petitions will be admitted as component of a general allocation of 10,000 even as the second lot of 5,000 visas will be given shortly in 2016.

The development reportedly arrives in the wake of months of delays with the online structure leaving over 42,000 skilled worker visa candidates cooling their heels since February 26, 2016 (the date the scheme was set to become available) to present their petitions, employing the tricky online visa access.

As per some observers, the reopening of the online application structure was fairly astounding given the fact that there was an arrangement that the February 2016 intake would be the last of its type. In future, the province may have an economic immigration structure comparable to the Express Entry structure, similar to the immigration structure for the rest of the nation. Under this arrangement, one firstly requires making a 'Declaration of Interest' even as on the basis of which the person may be chosen to continue further with his immigration application.

Dates of Visa Application

The MIDI has made available this information related to the Quebec skilled worker visa petitions:

  • June 13--20, 2016: First Reception Time – Candidates who have generated an online user account will be in a position to present their application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ), and give the needed charges. Not more than 5,000 petitions will be admitted through this time, on a first come first served ground.
  • June 20, 2016 – March 31, 2017: The MIDI to corroborate the Second Reception Period – Aspirants who have generated an online user account will be in a position to put forward their application for a CSQ, and shell-out the needed charges. Not more than 5,000 applications will be entertained on a first come first served ground, through this second time-frame.

While the petitions for a Quebec skilled worker visa outside of the times fixed above will be ignored, those qualified under the scheme – or with an authorized job offer – can present an application at any time, and are not restricted to applying through the specific periods. In addition, petitions made by those with a suitable study or work permit are also free from the time limits mentioned.

Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Programme

It features over 75 entitled professions, plus regions of training that make candidates qualified for a Quebec CSQ, minus an employment offer in place. The Areas of Training list covers an array of study courses that give points to candidates and a spouse or de facto spouse for diplomas received outside Quebec or acquired in the province or duly accepted as Quebec comparable.

The QSWP seeks to choose aspirants on the basis of the highest likelihood of successful economic settlement possibility with overseas people looking to settle on a permanent basis in Quebec require experiencing a two-step immigration procedure:

The QSWP--unlike the nation’s federal Express Entry Immigration System or scheme provided by other provinces under Provincial Nominee Programmes (PNP)—keeps on being the lone scheme whereby petitions are not duly processed on a first come first served ground.

Administration of Quebec looks set to make the most notable immigration improvements to its Immigration Act in 47 years, via launching an Express Entry-style immigration arrangement as of 2017.


  1. They must be chosen by the MIDI, Quebec's immigration body. Chosen aspirants will get a Quebec Certificate of Selection (CSQ).
  2. It is mandatory that a permitted CSQ holder presents an application with Canadian federal immigration officials. The federal administration’s responsibility in assessing a Quebec application for permanent residence is chiefly restricted to the matters of criminality & health.

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