Over the last couple of months, there has been a significant drop in numbers of both permanent as well as temporary foreign workers, owing to the travel restrictions imposed by the ensuing global pandemic that has paralysed international movement to a large extent. 

This sharp decline has stalled the economic engines of Canada, since much of the workforce in Canada responsible for continuous growth and development is hugely dependent on the skills, talent and efficiency of skilled overseas as well as professional workers. Some of the most immediate effect can be seen under the category of temporary foreign workers who have their roles to play in essential services such as farms, long-term care facilities and other health care services rely on temporary migrant labour for staffing. Urban rental and housing markets, and university budgets have also been severely hit by the pandemic.

With the ongoing pause in immigration. And with the ongoing aging populace coupled with a shortage of local labour, immigration is something that Canada cannot do without in their longer scheme of economic sustainability. 

To balance this out, immigration departments in Canada is looking forward to immediately facilitate the process for immigrant entry in to Canada, since the reliance of the nation on immigration for labour force growth. This showcases the fact that Canada has rolled up its sleeves, to be ready for immigrants to make it to this promising nation that showers you with a wide range of long term benefits and a high quality of living. 

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