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Canada Needs More Highly-skilled Overseas Manpower in Construction Business

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In an important development, Building Trades Union (CBTU) of Canada--which represents over 0.5 million Canadian construction employees--has reportedly presented some plans to a federal parliamentary committee that’s assessing the well-known Temporary Foreign Worker Programme (TFWP). Under these, there would be additional overseas people doing a job in the highly-skilled construction jobs.

For those not tuned in, the TFWP enables the recruiters/firms of the nation to employ overseas people, for the object of filling temporary labour and skills famines in a situation where in either the citizens or permanent residents of country are not obtainable.
Allegedly, there are some incredibly genuine uses for the temporary foreign workers (TFWs), just thanks to the demographic matters one has with 36 million persons in the Maple Leaf Country.

The nation lacks sufficient people in high-skilled trade classes, during things termed shutdowns and outages and also some peaks of construction movement.

As per a report, a major issue with the TFWP took place thanks to a rapid expansion in the figure of low-trained manpower under the preceding Conservative administration.

Consequently, other difficulties have emerged comprising extensive misuse of the scheme by contractors, such as labour code, employment standards and human rights infringements. In addition, not too high salaries, unlawful brokers, employer scam, and the loss of employment opportunities among the local labor force, have also become a matter of concern.

With a view to manage the issues of the TFWP, the CBTU has reportedly advised that the scheme be utilized to boost training opportunities for the local employees. As per the CBTU, it may be achieved, via requiring the recruiters/firms to open up an apprenticeship position for a Canadian when a TFW, with a journeyperson’s qualification in the skilled trades is allowed, to get admission in the nation.


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